Are you interested in a major that teaches you to communicate in another language? With over 400 million people worldwide speaking Spanish and 35 million in the United States alone, the Spanish major is growing in popularity.

Study Abroad
Opportunities to live and study outside the United States are available to McPherson College students through program like BCA which provides a year or semester of study for qualified college students at locations like the University of Barcelona in Spain and the Universidad Veracruzana in Xalapa, Mexico.

At McPherson College the major combines well with other areas, such as business or communication. We prepare our students for opportunity in the global economy as well as in teaching. Explore your possibilities in Spanish at McPherson College.
We offer a Spanish major, teaching licensure and licensure in ESL. See our Catalog for program and course descriptions.
Our faculty commits itself to the teaching of a second language and the development and nurturing of intercultural awareness and sensitivity.
McPherson College offers scholarships and financial assistance to all of its students.

From the Spanish faculty:

“As a language educator I still battle every day to find the best way to enrich students’ minds, to satisfy their curiosity about cultural differences or simply to question their own mind set. I believe that knowing a different culture and language will help them to be successful in life, to better share their ideas with others, to engage in a discovering process and to have the confidence to achieve anything they want.”