Freshman Orientation activities

Freshman Orientation activities.

Spring service trip to Ethiopia

Spring break service trip to Ethiopia with Dr. Herb Smith.

Cara Hudson

Wasco, CA


VP of Rotaract,
Regional Youth Conf.,
Peacefully, Simply, Together! (PST!)

Ethiopia & Colorado trips

To Cara Hudson, service isn’t just something to participate in on campus; it’s a way she strives to live her life.

Growing up in the Church of the Brethren, the importance of living a life filled with service was ingrained time and time again. In fact, it’s one of the reasons Cara chose McPherson College.

“I was always raised to put others first, and service is one way to do that. The brethren tradition of service was one of the biggest reasons I chose McPherson. I feel like we have a great amount of service opportunities here.”

Only in her sophomore year, Cara has found leadership on campus through service opportunities. After participating in a spring break service trip and visiting Ethiopia with Dr. Herb Smith, as well as being active in local service projects, Cara has become the vice-president of McPherson College’s Rotaract chapter, as well as part of the leadership team for PST, a student group on campus that focuses on community-building and service-learning.

“Service is a great way to meet good people, and I really like to help out those in need. And when you add in other people who love service just as much, it’s even better. Serving as a community is fun.”

But organized projects and week-long trips don’t encompass the full extent of service for Cara. She tries to live every moment with a service-minded attitude, even when it’s the harder option.

“Especially in college, we can get so wrapped up in our own freedom and forget about helping people. It’s important for me to remember the impact I can have on someone else, instead of always focusing on my own life. As a bonus, service helps me appreciate everything I otherwise would take for granted.”