Kristina is pursuing her dream of becoming a defense attorney.


Kristina Battle

Houston, TX

History & Politics

Local law firm

Women’s Basketball,
Resident Assistant

Many people on campus recognize Kristina Battle as an important member of the women’s basketball team. Others have come to know her as their Resident Assistant in the dorms. Still others know her from her dedication to pursuing her goal to be a defense attorney through the hours she spends studying in the library or at her internship at a local law firm.

Involvement in many aspects of campus life can be a challenge, but if anyone can handle the pressure – and excel in everything she does, it’s Kristina. She says she couldn’t do it alone though.

“Meeting people and building relationships is the secret to success at McPherson College. Everyone is kind here. They are friendly, open, and willing to help with whatever you need.”

Kristina is always looking to snatch up new opportunities that will help prepare her for life after school. When an opportunity arises, she’s learned to try it with 100% effort – especially if it stretches her comfort zone.

“I’ve learned to be extremely open-minded and look into everything. I want to get involved with Business Club and Orientation Team in the future.”

Like many students at McPherson College, Kristina’s days are jam-packed with school, work, meetings, and practice. She wouldn’t trade her crazy life for anything, though.

“When you have great people, you can make your home anywhere. Here, you can make connections with just about anybody, and be a part of anything you’re passionate about. I think that’s pretty cool.”