PST! (Peacefully, Simply, Together) at the student club fair.

MC Theatre production of 'Taming of the Shrew'

Logan Schrag

McPherson, KS

Student-Designed: Marketing & Public Relations

M-Club, Rotaract, Business Club, Student Ambassador, New Community Project, Alpha Psi Omega, Bulldog Crew, Resident Assistant, PST!

Walking around campus, it’s hard not to bump into Logan Schrag. He’s everywhere: hanging out with residents in his dorm as their resident assistant, encouraging the group of freshmen students he mentors, memorizing lines for the next theatre production, and leading cheers at any and every home sport event as M-Club President.

Logan’s involvement didn’t happen by chance. He says this came because of a combination of things. First, he joined every club he could from the moment he set foot. Second, staff and faculty believed he could be a leader, and pushed him to try different areas. Third, his energy comes from running around 24/7.

“I like participating because it helps me get to know people. When I first got to college, I tried to meet a lot of students, staff, and faculty, and build relationships from there. It was important for me to find areas I could excel in here on campus.”

The McPherson College community has become another family for Logan. He attributes this feeling of belonging to participation on campus. Not only has this been important in his college experience so far, but he views it as a building block to propel him to success post-college, as well as a way to leave a legacy for those after him.

“Being involved helps you build a family and find a sense of belonging on campus. When you feel like you belong, you can help build the future of the college, as well as your own future.”