Copyright Infringement Policy
McPherson College is the registered owner of the IP addresses students use when they connect to the Internet in the Residence Halls. As such, McPherson College is the recipient for all notices of Copyright Infringement. When a Copyright Infringement notice is received, Computer Services will determine, if possible, the offending user and all devices registered to the offending user, will be immediately placed in Quarantine. Quarantine blocks all access to the Internet, while providing access to on campus resources such as email and LMS/JICS. When you attempt to access the Internet, any off campus webpage you attempt to access will automatically redirect you to the “Quarantined” webpage which explains why your access has been limited and how you can re-able your Internet access.

McPherson College Residence Hall Internet Bandwidth Policy
In normal Web Surfing, the bandwidth usage for a specific person averages out to a 10:1 ratio for incoming traffic to outgoing traffic. File sharing programs, with sharing enabled, generally show a 1:10 ratio (incoming:outgoing) since the entire principle of a “file sharing” program is for each user to share their files with other users.

McPherson College Computer Services has set an Outgoing Traffic limit per IP address of 2 GB (1,000 MB) in a 24 hour period, generally midnight to 11:59 pm. When a device exceeds 2 GB of outgoing traffic, all devices registered to this user are placed in Quarantine.

Consequences of Violation of Copyright Laws Or Internet Bandwidth Policies
1st Offense – The user can regain Internet access by uninstalling the file sharing software, and if the user was notified of a Copyright infringement the user must also remove the infringed Copyrighted material from their computer. After removing them, the user can contact Computer Services to get their Internet access reinstated. The Dean of Students will also be notified in the event of a Copyright infringement notification for possible further discipline.

2nd Offense – The user will be required to bring their computer in to Computer Services so that we can confirm that all file sharing programs have been removed correctly, and that any Copyrighted material involved in a reported infringement has been removed from the computer. Computer Services will also check the computer to insure that is has active, up to date, antivirus installed and that the computer is free of malware/spyware/adware which could also be contributing to the excessive outgoing traffic. The Dean of Students will be notified of the 2nd Excessive Outgoing Traffic offense and/or Copyright infringement notification.

3rd Offense – The Dean of Students will be notified of the 3rd Offense. All devices registered to the user will be placed in a rate limited group for the remainder of the semester. The rate limits will be: a maximum of 2 Mbps Incoming and a maximum of 50 kbps Outgoing.


Updated: 10-08-2015