As a liberal arts institution that educates through scholarship, participation and service, the McPherson College Office of Spiritual Life and Service encourage students to actively follow their unique spiritual pathway within an environment that is open, encouraging and compassionate. We are dedicated to providing diverse opportunities which allow spiritual growth and reflection, as well as a commitment to social justice and service to students, faculty, and staff within the MC community.

As one of the higher education institutions affiliated with the Church of the Brethren, McPherson College honors its tradition while welcoming students of all spiritual traditions and faith perspectives as part of a diverse learning environment.

Our office is located in Hoffman Student Union and is open to the campus community for support, encouragement, laughter and conversation. We also provide a wide variety of happenings that allow the community to connect in ways which fit their personal spiritual pathway.  From chapel services and spiritual life groups to peer ministry and wheels to worship, you are invited to choose the paths which allow you to discover, develop and direct your spiritual life during your tenure at McPherson College.

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  • FCA  Fellowship of Christian Athletes meets at 9 p.m. on Mondays in the Sports Center.  Everyone is welcome (not just athletes)!  Come for food, fun and fellowship!
  • Great Movie Adventure  Join Jerry Bowen, Church of the Brethren pastor, and other MC students to watch a movie, talk about themes, and enjoy community around a table of food, fellowship, and respect! The first monthly meeting will be Monday, Sept. 21 at 6:30 p.m.!
  • Monday Faith Group  It’s your Faith! Own it! Sponsored by the Catholic Docese of Wichita. Come to the basement of the Student Union at noon on Mondays!
  • PST!  Peacefully Simply Together! is the Brethren and friends student group on campus.  The focus of PST! is community building and service, which are two dearly held values of the Church of the Brethren.
  • Peer Ministry  Peer Ministers are students trained to be sensitive to the needs of the community around them and always ready for conversation if the opportunity arises.
  • Takeover  Takeover is a student group whose main focus is fellowship with one another. Play games and eat hummus with new and old friends and participate in devotions together!
  • Tuesday Men’s Fellowship  Meet in Siek Dining Hall at 8 p.m. Tuesday nights to dive into the Bible together and learn how to be a Godly man!
  • Tuesday Women’s Bible Study Enjoy growing in faith and community with other McPherson College women striving to live according to the Word. Meet at Craft Coffee Parlor (downtown) at 9:45 to join!
  • Tuesday Meditation  Meet in the sanctuary of the Church of the Brethren between 12:00 p.m. and 12:30 p.m. for some mid-week meditation or just a quick break before heading off to class again.
  • Wednesday Bible Study  Meet in the basement of the Student Union at 9:00 p.m. Snacks provided!

MC Chapel is just around the corner! Keep checking back for updated date/time!

Meet at 10 a.m. on Sunday by the flagpole in front of the Student Union to walk to the campus church together! Worship begins at 10:15 a.m.

Don’t have a car to get to worship?  Nervous about visiting a new church by yourself?

No worries!  Volunteers within our campus community are more than happy to assist.  Click here for more information: Wheels to Worship.

McPherson College is committed to its founding heritage in the Church of the Brethren (link to which brings a commitment to active faithfulness, loving service, while tending emphatically to peace and justice. The Church of the Brethren is a small Christian denomination which was founded in Germany in 1708. In the New Testament of the Bible, the word “brethren” describes a community who chose another way of living: the way of Jesus. The Church of the Brethren continues draws people across the world that intentionally choose to continue Jesus’ work peacefully, simply, together.

While committed to our roots, McPherson College welcomes and encourages persons of all faiths traditions and diverse backgrounds. Please read feel free to read more about our church affiliation and the McPherson College Statement of Mission and Identity.

Abundant Life Church of the Nazarene
1455 N. Main, McPherson

Andover Lutheran Church
115 Dakota Road, Windom
(620) 489-6656

Calvary Baptist Church
1200 E. Avenue A, McPherson
(620) 241-4316

Cherry Street Church of God
520 N. Cherry St., McPherson
(620) 242-6803

Church of Christ
700 East Avenue A, McPherson
(620) 241-0088

Church of the Brethren
200 N.Carrie, McPherson
(620) 241-1109 

Countryside Covenant Church
940 E. Northview, McPherson
(620) 241-4499

Crossroads Assembly of God
14th & 81 bypass, McPherson
(620) 241-8641

First Baptist Church
600 East Marlin, McPherson
(620) 241-6400

First Christian Church
101 S. Walnut, McPherson
(620) 241-1390

First Congregational United Church of Christ
224 S. Maple, McPherson
(620) 241-0809

First Mennonite Church
Corner of Maxwell and Avenue A, McPherson
(620) 241-4040

First Presbyterian Church
1400 N. Main, McPherson
(620) 241-1819

First United Methodist Church
1200 E. Kansas, McPherson
(620) 241-3626 

Free Methodist Church
1010 S. Maple, McPherson
(620) 241-7176

Grace Bible Church
1215 N. Grimes, McPherson
(620) 241-3898

Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church
800 E. First, McPherson
(620) 241-1627 

Hopefield Church
(620) 345-8556

Harmony Christian Church
1713 Mohawk, McPherson
(620) 241-6692

Iglesia Cristiana
519 E. Loomis, McPherson
(620) 680-1051, (620) 680-1049

Jehovah’s Witnesses
1200 E Paradise Ln., McPherson
(620) 241-3640

King’s HiWay Baptist Church
1491 N Main, McPherson
(620) 241-7731

Monitor Church of the Brethren
1096 6th Ave., Conway
(620) 834-2278

Morningstar Missionary Baptist Church
1300 East Kansas Ave., McPherson
(620) 241-3550 

New Gottland Covenant Church
1700 Pawnee Ave., McPherson
(620) 654-3690

New Gottland Lutheran Church ELCA
1822 17th Ave., McPherson

New Hope Evangelical Church
501 East Wickersham, McPherson
(620) 245-0303 

New Life Foursquare Gospel Church
811 N. Ash, McPherson
(620) 241-7771

St. Anne’s Episcopal Church
105 W Sutherland, McPherson
(620) 241-0298

St. Joseph’s Catholic Church
520 E. Northview, McPherson
(620) 241-0821 

Trinity Lutheran Church
119 North Elm, McPherson
(620) 241-0424 

Wheatland Baptist Church
1139 McKinley, McPherson
(620) 241-7100

Word Of Faith Fellowship
601 Gildersleeve, McPherson
(620) 241-7068

American Cancer Society
(620) 245-9625

American Red Cross
(620) 241-2386

The Cedars
Contact: Tina Montroy
620-241-0909, ext. 136

Circles of McPherson County (StepMc)
PO Box 6, McPherson
(620) 242-2015


McPherson Family Life Center
401 E. Kansas Ave, McPherson
(620) 241-6603

Food Bank
707 S. Main, McPherson
(620) 241-8050

Habitat for Humanity
P O Box 1281, McPherson
(620) 241-0886


Head Start Childhood Center
128 N.Park, McPherson
(620) 241-9590

Health Screening Clinic
1001 N. Main, McPherson
(620) 241-1753

Infant-Toddler Center
1106 Hospital Dr., McPherson
(620) 241-9595

McPherson County Humane Society
201 S Elm Street, McPherson
(620) 241-3682

McPherson Family Life Center
401 E. Kansas Ave, McPherson

McPherson Museum and Arts Foundation
1111 E. Kansas Ave, McPherson
Contact:Anna Ruxlow

McPherson United Way
306 N Main St, McPherson
(620) 241-5152
Contact: Anne Kirchner

Multi-Community Diversified Services
2107 Industrial Dr, McPherson
Contact: Jennifer Cantrell
(620) 241-6693

McGruff Safety House Program
(620) 245-1200

Meals on Wheels
915 N. Walnut, McPherson
(620) 241-5238

Mt. Hope Sanctuary
PO Box 26, McPherson
(620) 241-1993

ReUse It Center
1060 West Kansas Ave, McPherson
(620) 245-0122

Salvation Army
401 E. Kansas, McPherson
(620) 241-8331

Save and Share
209 S. Main, McPherson
(620) 241-7389

Senior Center
112 E. Euclid, McPherson
(620) 241-1848

Social Services
218 E. Kansas, McPherson
(620) 241-3802

United Way
308 N. Main, McPherson
(620) 241-5152

YMCA – Y Kids
220 Walnut, McPherson
(620) 241-0363
Contact: Eddie Reeder