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Scholarships range from $1,000 to $8,000 for majoring or participating in theatre at McPherson College. All students accepted to McPherson College are also eligible for Merit Scholarships up to $15,000 for freshman based on GPA/ACT (see calculator below).

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2018-2019 Theatre Season

McPherson College presents 18-19 season productions Lend Me a Tenor, A Doll’s House, part 2, The Clean House, and Oliver!.

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The Theatre Department commits itself to developing – through a professional based approach supported by academic instruction – our students’ knowledge and skills of theatre with a multicultural view and interdisciplinary commitment towards artistic creativity, collaboration, ethics, scholarship, professionalism and service.
We offer a Theatre major and Theatre Teaching Licensure. See our Catalog for program and course descriptions.
Our Faculty members encourage students to develop skills, build relationships, and express themselves through performance.
Scholarships are available for students who major or participate in the performing arts.
Theatre productions vary from light musical comedy to classics to pertinent social drama and include the First Nighters dinner theatre program.
Get your membership to the Alpha Psi Omega First Nighters dinner theatre program.

From the Theatre faculty:

“Look, I’m pretty straightforward. I love my job and I love this special place. I love learning about my students so I can tailor their experience and make education relevant for their lives. Theatre has the power to transform the self and the society. I’m proud to be working at a school that believes in theatre and a college that has produced new works for over 100 years.”
“I believe we learn through doing, so I make people jump up and join me. ‘Quick, drop what you’re doing and come see this,’ is a common phrase muttered in my classes. Through hands-on experience, peer review, and constant development, we produce amazing things.”
Jen Taylor Pollard, Assistant Professor of Theatre
“I love theatre as an agent of social change. I geek out about shows dealing with pop culture, LGBTQ+ issues, civil rights equality and feminism. Beyonce’s visual album Lemonade is ten times better than anything ever produced by the whiney Taylor Swift (but you can still fight me on that). But I’m a super fan of my partner of over 20 years and our 4 kids.”
“I still pinch myself this is my job. I get too excited, talk a million miles per hour, run around the set and baffle students used to a lecture classroom setting. I’m obsessive about coffee, fiber arts, BBC radio dramas, possibly Shakespeare and of course, my family.”
Jen Taylor Pollard, Assistant Professor of Theatre

In addition the theatre scholarship, McPherson College offers the following scholarships and awards:

First time freshman can receive up to $15,000 based on your GPA and ACT scores (minimum 2.0 & 18 required).

Transfer students can receive up to $12,000 based on GPA (minimum 2.0 required).

Use our merit award calculator to determine your scholarship amount now!

Merit Award Calculator
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ACT: (freshman only)

The Presidential Scholarship is an award of $500 – $3,000 in addition to the Merit Scholarship available to first time freshman. Use the merit award calculator above to see if you qualify.

The scholarship is awarded during Presidential Scholars Day for high school seniors. The award is based on the following criteria: Cognitive ability test, Round table discussion, Personal interview and High school academic record.

These awards are renewed annually for four years provided satisfactory academic progress is maintained.

This category recognizes a student’s achievement and participation outside of the classroom. Awards require audition or recommendation from coach/faculty. All McPherson College awards are limited based on academic information. IN ADDITION TO ACADEMIC REQUIREMENTS, THESE AWARDS REQUIRE PARTICIPATION – AWARDS ARE RENEWABLE AT THE DISCRETION OF THE FACULTY OR COACH. Students are limited to ONE co-curricular scholarship.

Athletic Awards: Requires coach recommendation. Students are encouraged to complete the Athletic Recruitment Form.

Music Awards: Audition Required. Additional requirements: A letter of recommendation from one or more high school or private music teachers. This letter should include comments that pertain to musical skills, ability to be successful as a musician at the collegiate level, overall character and academic performance in high school.

Theatre Awards: Audition Required. Additional requirements: A letter of recommendation from one or more high school/college theatre instructors. The letter should include comments that pertain to the student’s theatre skills, the student’s ability to be successful within theatre at the college level, the student’s overall character, and the student’s academic performance. A written statement from the student as to why he or she is choosing theatre as a major or interest. The student should discuss personal and professional goals.

Students can receive only ONE Academic award unless indicated otherwise.

Fine Art Scholarship

STUDENTS MUST MAJOR IN VISUAL ART (studio art, art education, graphic design or graphic design management) and complete the following steps.
Additional requirements: Portfolio

STUDENTS MUST MAJOR IN PERFORMING ART (vocal music, instrumental music, theatre, musical theatre) and complete the following steps.
Additional requirements: Audition

Marvin and Doreen Will History/History and Politics Scholarships

STUDENTS MUST MAJOR IN HISTORY and/or POLITICS. These scholarships help provide students with wonderful opportunities for travel, educational advancement, and the chance to study history at McPherson College.

History Scholarship for Studying Abroad

This scholarship is intended to provide need based support for international study experiences which could include a traditional study abroad experience, internship or field experience related to History and/or Politics.

Natural Science Scholarship

STUDENTS MUST MAJOR IN NATURAL SCIENCE (biology, biochemistry, chemistry, environmental stewardship, or health science), be eligible for a Presidential Scholarship, and complete the following steps.
Additional requirements: Interview with the Natural Science Department Chair.

Alumni/Church of the Brethren Scholarship ($1,000)

McPherson College is excited to offer the new Alumni/Church of the Brethren scholarship. $1000 will be awarded to any new student who is either a child or sibling of an alumnus or Church of the Brethren member. Criteria: To qualify as a Church of the Brethren member, please submit a letter of recommendation from your local congregation