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Snow Day! – Ethan Jacobitz

Today, we said “Auf Wiedersehen” to Salzburg and went on the road to Reutte. Though both cities are Austrian, we made a brief detour into Bavaria to visit Neuschwanstein Castle. After quickly checking in to our rooms at the family-owned Goldener Hirsch hotel, we walked to the Reutte Music School to perform our third concert.

We woke up to a cold, but gentle rain that slowly turned to snow as we drove into the German Alps. By the time we reached Neuschwanstein Castle, there was a thick layer of snow covering the ground.


We had to walk a mile, up hill, in snow up to our ankles to reach Neuschwanstein Castle. Unfortunately, photography wasn’t allowed inside. The castle wasn’t finished – King Ludwig II died before his extensive and imaginative vision could be achieved – the fourteen completely furnished rooms are elaborately decorated. Everything is dedicated to the king’s friend Richard Wagner’s operas. We were led up and down winding spiral staircases and through secret doors. Once the tour was over, we slipped and slid back down the mountain and back to the bus.


After our time in the snow, we were eager to get to the hotel to  change into dry socks and settle in to our rooms, but it was already time to rehearse for our concert so we quickly checked in, dropped off our things, and rushed to the Reutte Music School to warm up. The school had a beautiful performance space – it was wonderful to have the opportunity to make music there. The audience gave us a warm welcome and, in spite of our being tired from the drive and the hike to and from the castle, we gave an excellent performance.

Dinner was waiting for us in the hotel, and we all enjoyed a hot meal together before having a bit of free time before bed.