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Knowledge meets craft.


At McPherson College, we push ourselves to grow in and beyond the classroom - it’s in our nature. Our broad-based education grounds itself in the relevant knowledge and personal skills you need to excel in life. Each distinctive program encourages collaboration and builds strong relationships with like-minded faculty and students. When you’re open to all that’s to come, you become confident and ready for the future you’ve imagined.


Find your path.

We offer more than 30 undergraduate academic programs and pre-professional options, along with the opportunity to design your own major.

Shape a specialized future.

In addition to McPherson’s core academic programs, we have other ways to make sure your coursework makes a positive impact for your next steps—whether that’s gaining admission to graduate school or starting your career.

  • Design your major.

    A student-design major allows you to explore many career options by combining courses from different academic areas into one major.

  • Entrepreneurship

    With an E minor, you’ll grow your talent for creative impact and understand the risks and processes involved with starting a business venture.

  • Pre-Professional Programs

    Our pre-professional programs prepare you for specialized training or advanced study.

  • Capstone Experience

    During your senior year in the major you choose, you’ll complete a capstone project to share what you’ve learned and how you’ve grown during your time at McPherson.

  • Study Abroad & Travel

    At McPherson College, you have two options for studying abroad by designing a full study abroad experience or participating in specific international travel study courses.

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