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Teacher Education

Elementary Education, Combined B.S. & M.Ed.

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Nobody wants to be a teacher today. We have to change that.

The sad fact is, nobody wants to be a teacher anymore. It’s especially true for young people trying to figure out what they want to be when they grow up. Becoming a teacher isn’t even on their list. It’s not on their parents’ list, either. When polled in 2018, 54 percent of parents nationwide said they did not want their child to become a teacher. Even educators themselves have been advising young people not to enter the profession.

At McPherson College, we’re changing the conversation about teachers and promoting the idea that teaching is a rewarding career path. Read more


  • Elementary Education

    The mission of the Teacher Education Program of McPherson College is to develop service-oriented educators who effectively blend the art and science of teaching.

  • Combined B.S & M.Ed.

    Get a combined bachelor’s and master’s degrees with licensure in K-6 Elementary Education plus an added endorsement of either ESOL or Special Education completed in just four years.


The teacher education program at McPherson College focuses on three major levels of licensure in the Elementary Education major: 6-12 Licensure, K-6 Licensure and PK-12 Licensure. This allows you to focus on a specific grade range. We’re committed to developing service-oriented educators who effectively blend the art and science of teaching.

Because your professors have all led a classroom, they have the expertise and experience needed to mentor you as you become a great teacher. You’ll gain real-world insight into all sizes of schools through classroom observation and practicums. Experience what it’s like to lead a classroom first-hand through experiential learning opportunities that begin early in Wichita or Chicago.

If you want to increase your earning potential at the beginning of your career and further your impact, McPherson offers an accelerated teacher program that combines a bachelor’s and master’s degree in just four years.

Featured Teacher Education Student Story

teacher ed student Kendryk Rankin
  • “It really seemed like the smart thing to do. I will enter the field at a better pay scale because of my higher degree."

    Kendryk Rankin '21, Elementary Education

    The best way to achieve what you want is to set goals and then pay attention to time management according to Kendryk Rankin. Graduating with a bachelor’s and master’s degree in four years in elementary education and special education is the goal in sight for him and is possible through the Combined Degree program offered in the teacher education department.


  • K-6

    Elementary Education, English for Speakers of Other Languages, High-Incidence Special Education

  • 6-12

    Biology, Chemistry, English, English for Speakers of Other Languages, History and Government, Mathematics, High-Incidence Special Education, Speech/Theatre

  • PK-12

    Art, Health, Music-General, Music-Instrumental, Music-Vocal, Physical Education, Spanish

  • Licensure Disclosure

    The US Department of Education federal regulation Sec 668.43 A-C. McPherson College Teacher Education prepares candidates for licensure in the state of Kansas. At this time, we have not determined if these preparation programs will lead to licensure in other states.

Experiences & Outcomes

  • Combined BS and MEd program

    Combined Bachelor’s & Master’s Program

    McPherson College is offering an accelerated teacher education program to incoming freshman which leads to: B.S. in Elementary Education and M.Ed. in Curriculum & Instruction degrees with a KSDE licensure, plus an added endorsement of either ESOL or Special Education completed in just four years.

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  • Student Teaching

    Student Teaching

    Students learn by applying their knowledge during practica and student teaching in classrooms throughout the McPherson area.

    Practica & Student Teaching

Featured Stories

teachered faculty panel
  • Meet the faculty.

    Teacher Education Professors, Zoom Discussion

    Hear faculty discuss the major, licensures and combined Bachelors and Masters degree option in the Teacher Ed program.