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Career Services

McPherson College is focused on careers. It’s a focus that begins freshman year and is incorporated across curriculum in the classroom, in service opportunities, and in experiences outside of the classroom. The Career Services office is the hub of this effort engaging students early to begin acquiring the skills for a career and ensuring career placement when they graduate.

Career Services is here to help you find jobs and experiences through:

Career Placement
We’ll help you get started in your career by connecting you with job opportunities prior to or upon graduation.

Gain direct, hands-on work experience while earning your degree. Internships occur in your field of study. 80% of the recent graduating class had at least one internship or field experience prior to graduation.

Field Experience
Shadow a professional to see what a day in the life of your chosen career path looks like.

Off-Campus Job
Earn money in a paid position, that may or may not be in your chosen field, with an employer outside of the college.

Work Study or On-Campus Job
Apply for a paid position, arranged between you and an on-campus department.


Career ready.

We know one of your top priorities in earning a college education is finding a job. We’re confident that our education and resources, combined with your hard work and dedication, will set you apart in your career.


of our graduates secure a job before graduation. That's 3x the national average. 95% are employed or placed in grad school within six months.

Career Services FAQ:
How does a student find a job or internship?
Career Services utilizes the easy-to-use Handshake platform to house on-campus employment, full- and part-time positions, internships, employer events, study and work abroad opportunities and service and volunteer opportunities. Career Services partners with many local employers specializing in accounting and finance, health care, manufacturing and more.
Can I meet with the career services director during my campus visit?
Yes!  Amy Beckman, our career services director, loves talking to recruits about job and internship opportunities as early as your freshman year.
Can I get help figuring out my major or my career plan?
Yes!  Career Services has many tools such as career-interest inventories, self-assessment tools, and occupation search guides that are easy to use to help you learn what career options best fit you.
Can I do an internship and earn credit towards my degree?
Yes, you can! After 12 hours completed at McPherson College, students can complete an internship or field placement for credit. Up to 10 total hours earned through internships can be applied toward graduation.

The Enterprising MC Student

Starting their freshman year, students are introduced to the Enterprising MC Student model – a process to explore, experience, and engage while discovering the skills they need to be successful in their future careers.

Throughout their years at McPherson College students become more adept at applying what they learn through this process resulting in a strong resumé to assist their job search. Initially students are encouraged to establish direction and declare a major then test that direction, try-out ideas and confirm their decision. In later years, students add to their knowledge base and experiences, make adjustments if necessary and increase their level of career involvement. Finally, students are supported in taking on leadership roles, mentorships, engaging with industry mentors and interning with organizations within their desired field.

Enterprising MC Student Model

Activities in the Enterprising MC Student process:

Advising, meeting with faculty, career workshops, employer events, Horizon Fund, volunteering, job shadowing, club/organization involvement

Field experience/site visits, mentorships, conference participation, networking events, service learning, career workshops, on-campus leadership

Internships, part-time relevant work, conference presentation, senior research or capstone projects, leadership roles, first-time, full-time positions