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Incoming Student Info


In preparation for fall 2020 some important dates are being revised.

In order to accommodate this schedule we will have class on Labor Day and Fall break has been eliminated.

Upcoming events for students and families. Look for email invitations to the Zoom events.

  • June 25 – Student Life Poetry SLAM, 7:30 PM via Zoom
  • July 14 – Campus Update, 7:30 PM Central Time via Zoom
  • July 14 – New Student and Family Information session via Zoom
  • July 15 – Campus Preview Day (limit 40 students and 2 guests per student)
  • July 21 – Campus Preview Day (limit 40 students and 2 guests per student))
  • July 24 Campus Preview Day (limit 40 students and 2 guests per student)
  • July 28  – Campus Forum with President Schneider, 7:30 PM CDT via Zoom
    All new and returning students are their families are encouraged to join. Important information about returning to campus will be discussed.
  • July 29 – Admissions Information Night, 6:30 PM CDT via Zoom
    New students and their families are encouraged to join. We will answer questions about admission, financial aid, registration, student life.
  • July 29  – Automotive Restoration, 7:30 PM CDT via Zoom
    This event is specific to incoming Automotive Restoration students. 
  • July 30 – Student Life Alumni Panel, 7:30 PM CDT via Zoom
    Hear from some of our recent alums who are excited to share why McPherson College was a great choice for them.


For the latest information on COVID 19 and how the college is preparing for the fall please refer to

Required Upon Acceptance

  • Deposit
    General students: $150. ($100 is applied to your student account. Fully refundable until May 1.)
    Automotive Restoration students: $250. ($200 is applied to your student account. Non-refundable.)
    International students: $500. (Fully refundable until May 1.)
  • FAFSA Application
  • Financial Aid Forms


Enrollment Orientation

Enrollment Orientation is available to you throughout the summer.  Regardless of when you begin the orientation information, each section is important as you prepared to be student at McPherson College this fall.

  • Enrollment Orientation will remain available until your arrival
  • It is important to complete each module.
  • In addition to registering for classes, students will
    • Meet MC Staff and Students
    • Engage with other incoming students
    • Learn more about financial aid and understanding payment options
    • Learn about the support services at McPherson College

Start Enrollment Orientation


Helpful info as you prepare for fall 2020

Admissions Counselor

Your admissions counselor is here to help answer any questions that may come up along the way. If you do not know who your admissions counselor is please call today 800-365-7402.


Complete Athletic Training Paperwork by August 1st, 2020.

Financial Aid (Scholarships and Loans):

  1. Submit 2020-2021 FAFSA at by March 1st (Priority Scholarship deadline) or April 1st (for Kansas Residents for Kansas Grant, limited funds available) or Request a FAFSA Waiver by e-mailing
  2. Submit any additional required documents for the FAFSA (20-21 Verification worksheet can be downloaded and printed here )
  3. Review your estimated costs via Budget Worksheet and Accept all aid you would like posted to your account here:

Billing (Cost and Payment):

  1. Review your estimated costs via Budget Worksheet from Financial Aid
  2. Review your Payment Options:
    1. Direct Pay to college through Bulldog Connect.
    2. Cashnet 5 or 10-month payment plan through Bulldog Connect.
    3. Federal Parent PLUS Loan:
    4. Private Education Loans:
  3. Important Due Dates for payment
    1. August 1st: Submit 2020-2021 Payment Arrangements forms
    2. August 1st: Enroll in NBS Payment Plan OR Apply for Federal Parent PLUS Loan OR Apply for Private Education Loan
    3. August 15th: First payment (Direct Pay to College or NBS) due

Student Services (Housing):

  1. Submit Housing Application and Student Profile by May 1st here:
  2. Housing notifications emailed July 15th

Registrar (Enrollment):

  1. Complete FERPA form online
  2. Complete Travel Waiver form
  3. Auto Restoration Student Enrollment Begins April 21st
  4. Sign up for a Freshman Enrollment & Parent Orientation Day here
    (Can’t attend an Enrollment Day? Contact Admissions to schedule enrollment over the phone)
  5. Transfer Student Enrollment Begins April 27th

Textbooks available online for Fall 2020 beginning July 1st at