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Residence Hall Tour


Residence Halls:
  • Dotzour Hall (co-ed)
  • Metzler Hall (male)
  • Morrison Hall (male)
  • Bittinger Hall (female)

Housing Details

McPherson College has a variety of residential areas for specific population groups:

  • First Year Housing – Dotzour Hall and Metzler Hall
    Dotzour and Metzler will be reserved for first-year students, with limited rooms available to sophomore and junior students.  An unlimited meal plan is required for freshman.  Upperclassmen can choose between the Unlimited and 14 Meal Plans.
  • Bittinger Hall and Morrison Hall
    Bittinger and Morrison will be primarily for upper class students: sophomore, junior, and senior status students.  Bittinger is designated for female students.  Morrison is designated for male students.  Auto Restoration majors often reside in Bittinger and Morrison.  Bittinger and Morrison upperclassmen are required to have the 14-meal plan.
  • Apartments & MC Houses – Baer Apartments, Deerfield Apartments, Lakeside Apartments, and Terra Nova
    These apartments will be reserved for upper class students: sophomore, junior, and senior status students. The College does not provide internet service in the Lakeside apartments and MC Houses including Deerfield; residents will be responsible for purchasing their own internet, if desired.  Baer, MC Houses, and Lakeside residents are required to have the 10-meal plan.  Terra Nova residents are required to have a double commuter meal plan (60 meals a semester) or the 10-meal plan.
  • Pet Friendly Housing – Baer Apartments
    Baer Apartments are designated Pet Friendly housing.  This means that residents will be permitted to have cats, dogs, and other designated animals as pets.  All pets must meet all requirements and must be approved before they are on campus.  All residents must meet additional qualifications to reside in Baer, and will be charged an additional $200.00 fee to be applied to pet-friendly improvements and any damages.  Baer residents are required to have the 10-meal plan.
  • Gender Neutral Housing – Harter Hall
    Harter Hall is designated gender-neutral housing.  This community embraces and promotes the health and safety of LGBTQIA+ identifying students and allies/sibling.  Residents of this area may select roommates of any gender identity, and must demonstrate support to the residents of Harter.  Harter residents are required to have the 10-meal plan.