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Automotive Restoration

Communications, Design, History, Management, Technology

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Recognized as the only program of its kind in the nation.


Contemporary technology meets traditional craftsmanship. Our bachelor’s degree in restoration technology is the only of its kind in the nation. From the early 1900’s horseless carriages up through the muscle car era, we work on a wide range of vehicles. Our supportive professors and broad-based curriculum give you the hands-on experience and well-rounded skill sets needed to succeed. We’re focused on our mission of being the center of excellence for students serious about automotive restoration.

When you graduate, you’ll feel confident to step into high-end restoration shops, museum settings, private collections and a range of other areas of the collector car industry. Even a path to own your own business. Ultimately, you’ll become highly sought-after in the industry.

Our Mission: To be the center of excellence for students serious about automotive restoration.

Our Vision: By 2023 MC will compete to win at Pebble Beach.

Program Emphases

  • Historic Automotive Technology

    Explore your passion for automotive history.

  • Automotive Restoration Management

    Run your own restoration business.

  • Automotive Communications

    Work with audiences discussing automotive issues and learn how web design, photography and public relations make an impact in the industry.

  • Automotive Restoration Design

    Create moving art as an automobile designer, automotive artist, graphic designer and more.

  • Automotive Restoration Technology

    Combine craftsmanship and authentic restoration with an eye for detail.

A bold vision.

Restoring a vehicle to compete to win at Pebble Beach Concours d’ Elegance is a bold undertaking, especially when the work will be done by a group of apprentice restoration students. Yet that is exactly what the Automotive Restoration program has set out to do with a 1953 Mercedes-Benz 300 S Cabriolet.

300 S

Learn more about the concours project vehicle and follow our student’s progress as they prepare to compete at Pebble Beach in 2023.

Featured Stories

  • "I didn’t realize all the connections the school can make for you.”

    Lucas Jez '19, Automotive Restoration Technology

    Connections allowed Lucas to travel with the school to visit the private collection of Ralph Lauren and appear on the stage at Pebble Beach with Jay Leno and Derek Hill. It was at Pebble Beach where Lucas met people from his future employer, Rare Drive, a restoration shop that specializes in Ferrari, Maserati, Porsche, 300SL Mercedes-Benz, Shelby Cobra, and Ford GT-40.

Get Involved with Auto Restoration

Whether you’re a student, business owner or an individual with an interest in the car world, McPherson has a way for you to plug into our nationally recognized auto restoration program and benefit from the program’s events and initiatives.

  • Industry Connections

    Business leaders and collector car enthusiasts from around the country support our program by lending their expertise and insight.

  • C.A.R.S. Club

    C.A.R.S, a student-led club, participates in numerous events throughout the year, including car shows and insider trips to museums and private collections.

  • Summer Institute

    Our expert instructors and faculty teach hobbyists and professionals in summer workshops at the Automotive Restoration Institute.

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Looking ahead.

Open your own auto restoration business, work for an auction company or even manage a major car collection.


of students participated in internships at museums, private collections and shops across the U.S. and Germany, over the last 5 years.