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Curt Goodwin M.S.


A.S., Colby Community College
B.S., M.S., Pittsburg State University

Professor Goodwin’s work experience includes line technician, service manager, and owner/operator of his own garage business for several years. In addition, he served for 19 years as an automotive instructor at Northwest Kansas Technical College in Goodland, teaching in the areas of transmissions, differentials and drivelines, engine repair, automotive heating and air-conditioning, and hybrid systems.

“My interest in cars and all things mechanical is something I cannot explain; it has always come to me naturally. It was not until I sat in a classroom filled with other like-minded young students, learning about the finer points of the automobile, that I felt at home in an educational environment and my desire to learn more was fueled. As a teacher, my hope is that my students find comfort that they are in a place with like-minded curious people and I can provide spark and fuel for their passion and careers. I get fuel from their success – their success is my success.”