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Michael Dudley M.S.

Michael Dudley


B.S., University of Nebraska-Lincoln
B.S., McPherson College
M.S., Pittsburg State University

Michael Dudley, a McPherson College graduate, returns as assistant professor of technology. Mike earned a B.S. in Design in Architecture from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln before coming to McPherson as a restoration student. With experience in multiple restoration shops in Kansas, Nebraska, and Tennessee, he and his wife started their own restoration business in 2012, focusing on interiors and upholstery. Mike has extensive experience with auto-CAD and other computer-aided modeling programs.

“When I came to McPherson College as a student, I finally felt like my passion and skills aligned.  Now as a teacher in the Automotive Restoration Program, I hope to provide a spark in students so that they can feel that satisfaction as well.”