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Philosophy & Religion

Philosophy & Religion; Religion, Politics, and Law

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Consider life’s deepest questions.


We offer a major in philosophy and religion, a major in religion, politics, and law, a minor in philosophy and religion, and a minor in peace studies.

Faculty members will help you analyze science and religion, learn how philosophy and politics have shaped our nation and the globe and expand your perspective on beliefs and practices in the modern world and its citizens. You’ll build an understanding of cultural literacy, critical thinking and reasoning, oral and written communication and the ability to interpret and express sound arguments on complex issues. These abilities will help you develop answers based on the teachings of the greatest thinkers of the last 4,000 years. Your highly transferable skills allow you to pursue a wide range of career and graduate school choices, like government, business, law, the arts, ministry and more.


  • Philosophy & Religion

    Provides an excellent background for professions such as business, education, social work, and humanitarian assistance that require understanding and empathy across widely diverse cultures.

  • Religion, Politics, and Law

    New major combines the study of religion, politics and law to help prepare students for law school.

Additional Programs

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    Philosophy/Religion, Peace Studies