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Business Administration

Accounting, Finance, Management, Marketing

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Spark your entrepreneurial spirit.


Our business program offers four areas of emphasis and a minor to fit your career goals. During your freshman and sophomore year, you’ll grasp a broad understanding of all areas of business. As you progress into your junior and senior year, you’ll narrow your focus on your emphasis.

Our faculty members bring expert business experience to the classroom for you to grow your perspectives and skills. You’ll learn to communicate, research, and analyze business concepts and develop a global mindset. That knowledge, combined with hands-on projects and internships, will set you apart for your future. Whether you want to become a CEO or start your own business, our program will help you focus on what you’re meant to do with your talents.

Program Emphases

  • Accounting

    Handle the day-to-day flow of money in and out of a company.

  • Finance

    Manage assets and liabilities and plan future growth for a range of organizations.

  • Management

    Lead teams with a broad understanding of business principles and strategy.

  • Marketing

    Advertise, sell and deliver products and services to customers and businesses.

Featured Business Administration Student Story

Elizabeth Williams business student
  • “Hearing from my friends at bigger schools, they don’t get this kind of experience.”

    Elizabeth Williams '20, Business Administration, Marketing/Management emphases

    Getting the opportunity to visit places like Seattle, Miami, and Australia and tour companies like Boeing and Carnival Cruises is just one the things that made her decision to come to McPherson College and major in business one of the best decisions Elizabeth Williams ever made.

Additional Programs

  • Business Administration Minor

    This minor allows you to understand a range of relevant business principles that apply to any career.

  • Design Your Major

    If you’re interested in business and another subject, consider designing your own major to combine your talents. We’ll find a path that best sets you up for a successful career.

Featured Stories

  • Meet the faculty.

    Business Professors, Zoom Discussion

    Hear from faculty of the Business program as they share the opportunities available to students including the real-world experiences in the classroom, through internships, and travel.

  • Explore the space.

    Melhorn Hall, Virtual Tour

    Watch a guided tour by professors and see 360° views of the lecture halls and labs in Melhorn Hall - home to the Business Administration program at McPherson College.

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Experiences & Outcomes

  • Investments Class

    Investments Class

    In 2011, the college retained it’s own Investments class to manage $100,000 of the college’s endowment, taking the portfolio management experience to a whole new level. Because of the student’s success over the last few years, the class is now responsible for managing over $400,000 of the college’s endowment.

    Students Manage Endowment
  • Business Club trips


    Work with industry leaders like Koch Industries, Pfizer Inc., Ameriprise, CHS refinery, Mid-Kansas Co-op, and a range of other local businesses. You’ll gain relevant experience for your future career, and internships often have led to full-time employment following graduation.

    Careers in Business
  • Business Club Trip

    Business Club

    The Business Club hosts events that promote learning more about business, developing personal and leadership skills, and connecting with other people involved in business study.