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The world is your classroom.


When you are open to new experiences, the world is truly your classroom. At McPherson College, students have two options for studying abroad by designing a full study abroad experience or participating in specific international travel study courses designed and facilitated by our professors. Taking your education abroad can be one of the most educational and impactful experiences you participate in while at college, and MC offers a wide array of study and travel options.

Study Abroad

McPherson College’s affiliation with International Studies Agency (ISA) offers students the choice of study in 30 different countries and 80 major cities. You don’t have to wait until your senior year for this opportunity. You can explore study abroad options as early as your sophomore year. After careful planning with academic advisors and the study abroad team, you can choose the course and country that is the best fit for your studies and individual needs, allowing you an experience you will never forget.

Student Experiences

Amanda Lolling, Ireland
Deiah Curtis, London
  • Valladolid, Spain

    Jasmine Helms, studied Spanish Culture, Spanish Literature, and Grammar

    “Study abroad is a great educational tool. Being immersed in another language was daunting, even exhausting at times, but when I came back, I was able to speak with confidence. In some ways, my future became even clearer after studying abroad. I knew that I wanted to live and work in a culturally diverse environment. So even if I choose to stay in the U.S. and my career path takes a different direction, I will make time to see more of the world."

  • Dublin, Ireland

    Amanda Lolling, internship as an Administrative Assistant

    “During my time working abroad, my knowledge of interacting with people grew exponentially. It helped me solidify what was important to me in my future career. I was also able to see how other societies operate and how businesses in other countries are managed. Experiencing something outside my comfort zone helped me to grow as a young adult, business professional, and piqued my interest in continuing to travel as much as possible."

  • London, England

    Deiah Curtis, studied Communications, International Marketing and Public Relations

    “While I was in London, my course took me to cities like Bathe, Brighton, Stonehenge, and other countries like France and Ireland. During my study abroad experience, I also found myself becoming much more independent and self-sufficient because of many cultural differences. Being immersed in a new culture while going to school helped solidify what I wanted for my future and gave me the confidence to take on all of my ambitions."

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The Positive Impact of Study Abroad

Students who took part in the survey reported:

Study abroad stats



College is expensive, we get it. What would you say if we told you scholarships are available to not only help you earn a degree but also experience the world through travel opportunities?


of MC students receive finanacial aid. We offers several options for scholarship and funding when students begin their study abroad journey.

International Travel Study

International travel study at McPherson College differs slightly from study abroad experiences. Travel study is created and facilitated by professors and is a one-class-at-a-time option.

Travel study courses usually take place during the winter term (interterm) or spring break, allowing travel study courses to last from one to three weeks. Each travel study course is determined a year in advance, allowing time for professors and students to plan for the upcoming academic year.

Professors create travel study options every year for students to participate in to gain credit for one specific course but still be able to have an out-of-the-classroom, overseas learning experience.

Featured Stories

Hannah McKay, Rome
Morgan Abbott, Ecuador
  • Greece and Italy

    Hannah McKay, International Business class

    “This experience really impacted my life because I got to see parts of Europe I never would have as a regular tourist. It was the most incredible experience to learn banking from professors in Rome and to meet so many kind people along the way. I feel like I am able to appreciate what I have here while understanding different cultures. I will always be thankful for the couple that told us all the secret spots to see in Florence. I would go back in a heartbeat and have even considered doing a semester abroad.”

  • Ecuador

    Morgan Abbott, Environmental Stewardship field experience, studied Climate Change, Fossil Fuels (use and extraction) and Agriculture

    “We were there to learn, observe, and understand what the people living there experience and how their lives have changed and continue to change. Having this experience makes me more aware of how what I do as an American citizen trickles down to people in the most remote places. Being given the opportunity and privilege to experience what many won’t, and to share what I learned and how it changed my outlook, means a lot to me. I know I will never forget this experience.”

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