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McPherson College offers several scholarship packages based on academic achievement, residency, participation, and area of study.
  • Merit Scholarship – Eligible students could receive up to $23,000 per year based on their high school or transfer GPA score. (Student-athletes are not eligible for this merit structure).
  • Premier Scholars Days – Interactive visit experience for high school seniors to learn about academic programs and determine scholarship options at McPherson College.
  • Close-to-Home Scholarship – Students attending high school within McPherson County or in the communities of Buhler, Hesston, Hillsboro, Little River, and Lyons, can apply for this $26,500 per year package. Limited number available. Students who reside in these communities are not eligible for the Kansas Commitment package.
  • Kansas Commitment PackageFull-tuition package to incoming students who are Pell grant eligible and have a transfer or high school GPA of 2.5 or above.  This package uses all forms of aid – both institutional and need-based – including Pell grant and Kansas Comprehensive grant.
  • Other scholarships – Various program-based, athletic, alumni, and international awards are available.

Merit Scholarship

Select the student type below to see the merit scholarship ranges.

Merit Scholarship amounts by student type:
If you are pursuing a scholarship for athletics, the awarding process is handled through the coach and the athletic department.  Your first step is to complete an athletic inquiry form.
Automotive Restoration majors
GPAMerit Scholarship
All other students
GPAMerit Scholarship
Please contact the admissions office.

Other Scholarships

Health Professions Scholars
McPherson College selects up to 20 incoming students in the Health Science program to receive $25,000 annually in scholarships. Health Professions Scholars will commit to participating in the development of signature outreach programs with McPherson Hospital and the community and will be guaranteed one internship per year. Application required.

Marvin and Doreen Will History/History and Politics Scholarships
STUDENTS MUST MAJOR IN HISTORY and/or POLITICS. These scholarships help provide students with wonderful opportunities for travel, educational advancement, and the chance to study history at McPherson College.
Additional requirements and applications: History Scholarship Application  |  History Scholarship for Student Stipends Application

History Scholarship for Studying Abroad
This scholarship is intended to provide need-based support for international study experiences which could include a traditional study abroad experience, internship or field experience related to History and/or Politics.
Additional requirements and applications: Students need not major in History or Politics, History Scholarship for Studying Abroad Application

Available for recruited student-athletes and are combined with merit scholarships. The athletic scholarship amount is determined by the coaching staff.

Alumni/Church of the Brethren Scholarship ($1,000)
McPherson College is excited to offer the new Alumni/Church of the Brethren scholarship. $1000 will be awarded to any new student who is either a child or sibling of an alumnus or Church of the Brethren member. Criteria: To qualify as a Church of the Brethren member, please submit a letter of recommendation from your local congregation.

International Student Award ($2,000)
Available to all international students and will combine with an athletic or any program scholarship.

Need-Based Aid
Need-Based Aid varies by student and is available to students with the greatest financial need. The award and amount are determined by the Financial Aid Office.


McPherson College financial aid awards are underwritten by generous college donors who want students to have the opportunity to access quality, values-centered education at McPherson College.