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Sport Science

Sport Studies, Sport Management

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Preparing students to become the coaches, teachers, and sport industry leaders of tomorrow.


We offer two sport-related majors: Sport Studies and Sport Management. Further, in combination with the bachelor degree in Sport Studies, McPherson College offers PK-12 Licensure for students interested in teaching physical education and health in either the elementary or secondary environments.

These student-focused, career-oriented majors help prepare students to become the coaches, teachers, and sport industry leaders of tomorrow. Creating a firm content base, emphasizing knowledge translation, and practical application are keys to each major, which includes a Senior Capstone experience that allows students to gain real-world experience in their chosen professions.

For students pursuing graduate studies beyond McPherson College, the academic rigor of the Sport Studies and Sport Management majors will prepare students to apply to many graduate programs in the country focusing on coaching, leadership, and sport management.


  • Sport Studies

    To prepare students for careers in coaching and teaching, the Sport Studies major emphasizes three essential areas: pedagogy, the human body, and sport culture. Pedagogy refers to the method and practice of teaching, whereby students will develop their pedagogical foundation through courses focused on teaching and coaching. Understanding the human body will prepare students to help individuals reach maximum performance by focusing on all the aspects of a properly functioning human body, which includes human anatomy, physiology, motor behavior, and nutrition. Lastly, learning about sport culture allows students to comprehend the impacts of sport and physical education on American society, and how sport and physical education have developed into their present forms.

  • Sport Management

    To prepare students for careers in the public, non-profit, and commercial sectors, the Sport Management major emphasizes two key areas: business and sport culture. Sport management’s foundation is based on sound business principles and content knowledge. Students will acquire that foundation by completing courses in many aspects of business, including management, accounting, economics, finance, marketing, law, and organizational behavior. In order to contextualize sport in American culture and beyond, students will learn the impact of sport in society and how sport developed into its present form. Lastly, business and sport will intersect in the four senior-level courses: Sport Management, Sport Marketing, Sport Finance, and Governance and Policy in Sport.