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Welcome to Prague – Micah Waugh

IMG_3366This morning found us in Krakow, Poland. After an early breakfast, we loaded the bus once again and departed for Prague. Our trip took several hours to complete, but it was well worth it. The European countryside was beautiful, and this was one of the first times that we were able to enjoy it on this trip.We finally arrived in Prague at about 4:30. Although we had just arrived, the city was already living up to its reputation as one of the most beautiful in central Europe. Despite being so early in the evening, it was already dark. This made the city seem even more beautiful and mysterious.Some of us wandered through the streets for a few minutes, taking in the sites and sounds. There were interesting shops and interesting people. The sidewalks were full of activity.We soon gathered again and departed for dinner. We went to a charming traditional Czech restuarant. We were served a delicious three course meal. Bread, soup, pork, ham, chicken, mashed potatoes, and a delicious apple pie were served by a friendly wait staff. To drink, we had honeywine, white and red wine, beer, and soft drinks available to us. Everyone agreed that the food was cooked to perfection, with the perfect balance of flavors cooked into every dish.The decorations in the dining room were beautiful and festive. Various bouquets of grain hung from the ceiling, and animal skins and painted plates adorned the walls.

IMG_3368Perhaps the most enjoyable part of the evening was the music and dancing. An amazing trio that consisted of a violinist, string bassist, and dulcimer player started the entertainment. They were dressed in traditional Czech outfits. Their music captured the attention of the whole room as the violinist’s eyes sparkled from behind his strings. After a couple of songs, a host and two dancers joined the show. They spent a good portion of the rest of the evening singing, playing, and dancing for us. The musical group even let the audience members join in the fun. They taught us lively dances and songs.

After we finished dinner, and the performers finished their set, we thanked them with our very own rendition of the “Thank you song.”

Today was a lovely day and a great start to our time in Prague.