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McPherson College Artists Display Work for Senior Shows

Senior students at McPherson College with majors in the visual arts will have one last opportunity to show their work before they cross the graduation stage.

Adam Porter, McPherson, Kan.; Dani Jacks, Stafford, Kan.; and Arelyn Fallis, Luray, Kan., current have their senior exhibitions on display in Friendship Hall on the campus of McPherson College. All graduating seniors in the department plan and present a senior exhibition as their capstone project at the college.

This show features more than 100 works of graphic design, photography, ceramics, painting and other mediums.

Porter chose McPherson College because of the opportunity to create an interdisciplinary major. He was able to customize the courses he took to match the career path he wants to take, combining visual arts courses and business courses. He plans to have a career in digital design after graduation. He has focused on uncluttered graphics focused on users.

“I find myself ‘un-designing’ my website, document or logo to reach a point where the visual is simple and easily understood or navigated by the user,” he said.

Porter’s exhibit consists of his photography, graphic design and product design.

Jacks has worked with a broad variety of mediums in pursuing her degree in studio art – everything from photography to ceramics to tea. Jacks said early in her college career, she was trying to make “perfect” works of art. Soon she realized that it was an impossible goal and that it was separating her from what interested her in art – reflecting humanity.

“I quit trying to achieve this mockery, this grasping after the wind,” Jacks said. “Instead, I began to search for what truly was human, and how to best express and embrace the simple beauty found in things that are imperfect.”

Many of her works use the imagery of reflections in puddles. She was intrigued by how water reflects back at the viewer, but also changes them. It’s what she’s trying to do in all her art, Jacks said.

“I am creating some reflection that is not quite what you would expect,” she said. “I am trying to re-orient you.”

Fallis said that as she presents her senior show of graphic design and ceramics, she can see how she’s grown and learned from both mistakes and successes. She said she’s more willing to take risks because of what she’s learned and to truly “play” as she works. She’s also discovered her own artistic “voice”

“This show is a closing of a chapter of my life that I will look back on fondly with now doubt in my mind that I could have done it any better,” Fallis said. “I am so very pleased and blessed that I get to share it with you.”

The public is invited to a reception for these three artists on Friday, Dec. 4 from 7 to 8:30 p.m.