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Sandra Hiebert –  Director of Institutional Assessment and Academic Compliance

Faculty Representatives:
Curt Goodwin – Associate Professor of Technology/Automotive Restoration
Kelsey Gossett Dennis – Associate Professor of Photography, Art & Design
Dr. Vicki Schmidt – Professor of Education

Staff Representatives:
Christi Paulsen – ERP Manager
Jamie Pjesky – Assistant Dean of Campus Life and Belonging

Student Representative:
Natalia Ahrens – Junior, Double major in Digital Media: Visual Arts & Graphic Design

Amanda Gutierrez – Provost

Bylaws for Institutional Assessment Committee

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  1. Name 
Institutional Assessment Committee (IA)
  2. Purpose 
To support and cultivate a culture of assessment leading to improved professional practice and enhanced student learning
  3. Composition of Committee Membership, Criteria for Selection 
Chief Academic Officer by virtue of office-ex officio (without vote) 
Three faculty members representing all academic divisions (with vote) 
Three unit member representatives (with vote) One student (with vote) Associate Dean of Institutional Research/Assessment (with vote)Terms and Process for Selection of Membership
    Associate Dean of Institutional Research/Assessment by virtue of office. Faculty and unit representatives serve for a rotating three year term as invited and accepted by the current assessment committee. The aim is for no more than one faculty representative and one unit representative to rotate off the committee per academic year. Student representatives will be recommended annually by Student Government Association for approval and recommendation by assessment committee. Re-recommendation is not barred for any position. Terms typically run from May 1 to April 30.
  4. Committee Officers or Leadership 
Associate Dean of Institutional Research/Assessment will serve as chair. An assessment committee member will act as secretary for the committee.
  5. Meeting Procedure 
Meetings will be held at the call of the chair, on such schedule as required for expeditious handling of required agendas. Decisions shall be made by majority vote of committee members. Notes will be kept on all meetings. Notes will be open and available to all faculty/staff upon request.
  6. Committee Charge – Responsibilities & Accountabilities
    1. Monitor assessment system effectiveness and recommend improvements through proper avenues
    2. Administer and/or assist with institutional assessments on a regular basis
    3. Aggregate and share reports with appropriate stakeholders data-Chair or Chair’s designee
    4. Ensure feedback and proper distribution of assessment data to appropriate stakeholders
    5. Monitor preparation and review the annual institutional and program level assessment reports as necessary
    6. Make recommendations for improvement of institution-wide programs
    7. Prepare reports as requested for strategic planning
    8. Assist in facilitating the institutional accreditation process
    9. Evaluate and provide feedback regarding department and unit assessment reports
    10. Monitor, prepare, and review other reports when required/requested
  7. Reporting Relationships: 
The committee chair reports to the Chief Academic Officer and provides recommendations to other institutional offices and college personnel as needed.   Institutional assessment components deemed appropriate for campus-wide reporting will be determined by the assessment committee and shared with the Chief Academic Officer.
  8. Appeal Process
    Any faculty/staff member wishing to question policy or committee recommendations or urge a broader hearing on such issues should first make that wish known to the committee. In the event the faculty/staff member and/or the committee feel further action is required, the Chief Academic Officer will be consulted and the appropriate referral made to institutional governing bodies according to institutional policy.
  9. Amendment Process
    Bylaws may be changed through the following process:

    1. Job titles included in these bylaws may be updated by the Chief Academic Officer upon his/her authority or by the assessment committee upon its own authority.
    2. Changes to these bylaws may be brought to the assessment committee for a first reading and then acted upon at any subsequent meeting, provided the action item is announced at least 48 hours in advance as an agenda item.  The assessment committee shall review suggestions and vote on changes for final approval.