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Homecoming Run/Walk Takes to the Hills

posted Oct 14, 2008 in ALUMNI

Saturday morning found sunny, but windy conditions in the McPherson area for the participants of the Kids’ 1k Dog Dash, and the 3k and 5k Fun Runs which followed.

First to take to the varsity Bulldogs’ home cross country course at the McPherson Country Club was a small, but courageous group for the Kids’ 1,000m run. Leading the pack around the rolling terrain was Taylor Robertson, 8 years old, in a time of 5:01.9. Taylor was followed in by Carson Stone, 9 years old, in 5:17.1 and 10-year old McKenzie Becker in 5:52.5

After starting at the meet’s official starting line and coming through the collegiate finish chute at the end of the run, each competitor in the Kids’ run received a commemorative button.

“For its’ first running, the Kids’ race was a big success,” said Anna Ruxlow, McPherson College Director of Development. “The kids really seemed to be excited, and for each of them to have one of the Bulldog cross country runners as a partner who ran the course with them made it extra special.”

“This is definitely something we’ll want to do again in the future.”

Coming out of the finish chute with his button and a medal, Samuel Becker, son of Ken ’92 and Judy ’92 Becker, was heard telling his father, “I win, Dad!”, then seeing his sister McKenzie with her button and medal too, Samuel added, “You win too!”

“Every kid felt they were a winner,” Ken observed later, “and that’s what it’s all about.”

Youth participants and finish time are listed below.

Twenty-three “adult” individuals then toed the line for the “big peoples” combined 3-kilometer and 5-kilometer runs.

Judy Becker ’92 crossed the finish of the 3k run in 18:34.7.

Leading the way in the 5k run was former Bulldog harrier Eric Hadley ’92. The defending champion from last year’s on-campus run, Hadley finished the hilly Country Club course in 20:50.1. Hadley’s time was approximately 1 ½ minutes slower than his winning time on the flat in-town course around and through the campus run in previous years.

Following Hadley in second and third place in the 5k were former Bulldog harriers and 2003 graduates Wes Hoffert and Shane Netherton.

The first lady to finish the long course was Shelly Prescott, McPherson College head women’s basketball. Prescott crossed the line fourth overall with a time of 22:54.9, a mark that would have placed seventh in the varsity women’s race which followed immediately.

The second female finisher was Kylie Funk ’01 in 24:49.1.

Even with the wind, it was a beautiful morning for a run.

A few of the comments by some of the adult competitors noted afterward included, “Where did all those hills come from?”, “It definitely is different than running on the street,” to “This was neat!” and “I missed this (expletive).”

“I think we may have started something here,” observed McPherson head cross country coach Dave Smith.

Complete results are given below:

1k Dog Dash
1. Taylor Robertson 5:01.9; 2. Carson Stone 5:17.1; 3. McKenzie Becker 5:52.5; 4. Tatou 6:06.9; 5. Alisa Becker 6:07.4; 6. Zane Guerrero 6:31.0; 7. Hayden Schneider 6:58.8; 8. Samuel Becker 7:14.6; 9. Perrin Schneider 8:32.0

3k Fun Run
1. Judy Becker ’92 18:34.7

5k Fun Run
1. Eric Hadley ’92 20:50.1; 2. Wes Hoffet ’03 21:28.6; 3. Shane Netherton ’03 21:54.4; 4. Shelly Prescott 22:54.9; 5. Randy Porter ’76 23:46.9; 6. Dan Lichty 24:26.4; 7. Kylie Funk ’01 24:49.1; 8. Kip Coulter ’82 24:49.6; 9. John Kedzuf ’72 25:21.0; 10. Amy Porter ’08 25:38.2; 11. Paris Bouchard 25:54.9; 12. Shane Kirchner ’92 26:31.0; 13. Addie Roesch-Johnson 26:45.8; 14. Dian Proffitt Hodges ’83 29:52.1; 15. Kelly Davidson 33:14.4; 16. Jerry Bowen ’95 33:14.8; 17. Sarah Thrasher ‘95 33:27.7; 18. Katelyn Lamb 34:02.0; 19. Mike Lamb 34:03.2; 20. Corina Beam 34:07.1; 21. Michelle Roesch-Johnson 34:38.8; 22. Keith Funk ’88 40:08.0; Walkers – Phil Stover ‘72, Celia Stover Hansen ‘78

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