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McPherson College presents Senior Science Research Projects

posted Apr 20, 2010 in CAMPUS EVENTS

Eight students will complete the capstone of their McPherson College education at the Senior Science Research Forum on Friday, April 23 at 1:30 p.m. in Mingenback Auditorium.

Michelle Ducy, Pueblo, Colo; Mallory Griggs, Colorado Springs, Colo., Bryanna King, Gallup, N.M., David Miller, Haven, Kan., Amanda Pangburn, Wendell, Idaho, Stephanie Poland, Arvada, Colo., Cameron Snell, McFarland, Calif., and Colby Westbrook, Edmond, Okla., will present their senior research projects to the public at the Forum. All eight students will graduate in May with a degree in the sciences.

“This year's 14 senior science majors have explored interests in a wide variety of topics, including both basic and applied research,” said Dr. Jonathan Frye, associate professor of Natural Science. “Their projects range from calculating the ecological footprint of the campus community to studying the prevalence of antibiotic resistant bacteria; from diamond synthesis to the chemical composition of animal feeds; from the physiology of human athletic performance to the effects of diet and exercise on weight gain in mice.”

Presenters, their scheduled times and topics are as follows:
Michelle Ducy – 1:35 (Biology) “The Effect of Low Carbohydrate Intake and Exercise
on the Rate of Weight Gain and Blood Glucose Fluctuation in Female Mice”
Mallory Griggs – 1:50 (Biology) “The Comparison of Bacteria Populations under
Artificial and Natural Nails, and the Effect of Hand Cleansing with Alcohol Based
Gels and Antibacterial Soap”
Bryanna King – 2:05 (Biology) “McPherson College’s Comprehensive Carbon Footprint
and a List of Ways to Reduce our Environmental Impact”
David Miller – 2:20 (Chemistry Education) “Testing the Methods of Dr. Willard
Hershey in Historic Diamond Synthesis”
Amanda Pangburn – 2:45 (Agriculture) “Sulfate in Wet Distiller’s Grain from the
Kansas Ethanol Plant”
Stephanie Poland – 3:00 (Biology) “Population Growth and Its Effects on Water
Demand in Arvada, Colorado”
Cameron Snell – 3:15 (Biology) “The Effects of Temperature on the Rate of
Conjugation in Escherichia coli”
Colby Westbrook – 3:30 (Biology) “The Effects of Yoga on Muscular Endurance in
McPherson College Athletes”

The following students presented the results of their research projects in December:

Ashlee Jost, Hesston, Kan., “What is the Prevalence of MRSA Carriers in the McPherson College Student Population?”
Chelsie Kramer, Atwood, Kan., “Evaluation of Decay and Microbial Growth in Ictalurus punctatus (channel catfish)”
Ashley McEndree, Humble, Texas, “What is the Effect of Weight Training on Leg Strength and Speed in College Athletes?”
Nicolette Rodriguez, Orlando, Fla., “The Effects of Unilateral and Bilateral Lifting Techniques on Unilateral and Bilateral Strength in Untrained Women”
Nicole Sampson, McPherson, Kan., “The Cation-exchange Capacity of Crete Silt Loam Soil Compared to Pure Charcoal”
Whitney Williams, Salt Lake City, Utah, “How Strongly does Altitude Acclimatization Affect Cardiorespiratory Fitness in McPherson College’s Women Soccer Players?”

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