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Senior Exhibition at McPherson College Demonstrates Variety of Artistic Styles

posted Apr 12, 2012 in CAMPUS EVENTS

As senior studio art and graphic design students prepare for graduation from McPherson College, they have one more opportunity to demonstrate their skill and creativity. The current exhibition at the college features more than 200 pieces of work by seven seniors in a huge variety of styles and mediums.

“I can’t believe how prolific they are,” said Wayne Conyers, professor of art, “The amount of work and the quality of work they create is just phenomenal. There’s such a range here. They’ve all developed their own style, which I think is absolutely wonderful.”

The work is on display in McPherson College’s Friendship Hall through April 24, with a reception for the artists from 2 to 4 p.m. on April 22.

Bethany Schoenwetter, McPherson, Kan., works mostly in large, broadly sketched human figures in monochromatic colors. In this exhibit, her work mostly consists of charcoal drawings inspired by classical figures in paintings and sculpture, but with the faces replaced by people she knows. Also in her work are intriguing figures of dancers in India ink over yellowed sheet music.

Just across the hall, Wes Story, Little Elm, Texas, has displayed two motorcycles he designed, as well as works in a variety of mediums with a Western theme uniting them.

At the other end of the hall, Kelsi Sowers, El Dorado, Kan., has displayed her graphic design work as well as handmade sterling silver jewelry blending Egyptian and Victorian styles. Sowers said she’s always been amazed by the way design can draw someone’s attention, persuade others to feel a certain way or to provoke people to take action.

“It is a part of our everyday life, from small things like a candy bar wrapper to larger things like a billboard or the T-shirt you are wearing,” Sowers said. “It is nearly impossible to go 24 hours in this day and age without seeing and reading something that was specifically designed to catch your attention. It’s exciting for me to be a part of the design world and to know that something I design could make a difference.”

Ericka Kinkead, Fenton, Mo., also has her graphic design work on display, as well as black and white photography and even art created from cassette tape.

“Choosing to pursue design has been a simple matter of pursuing what I love,” Kinkead said. “I am always amazed at the power of design to affect the world around us, usually without us realizing it.”

Ashley Dameron, Pratt, Kan., and Evan Tomer, McPherson, Kan., are showing their graphic design work. Brooke Wedel, Moundridge, Kan., is showing her graphic design work as well as acrylic paintings.

Dee Erway-Sherwood, associate professor and program director of graphic design, said the students had put in much time an effort on the current exhibition.

“Having a senior exhibition is an important moment for the student designers because it is part of the senior capstone moment here at McPherson College,” she said. “It also helps prepare them to be have added the final finishing touches to their portfolio before applying for design positions after graduation.”

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