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McPherson Native Shares Experiences Covering The Digital Revolution in McPherson College Lecture

posted Apr 02, 2013 in CAMPUS EVENTS

The final speaker for this year’s McPherson College lecture series will be a native son of McPherson who has gone on to become friends with top leaders in the digital revolution and write national stories and profiles on them.

Brenton Schlender will present “Lessons from the Leading Edge” for the Flory Public Policy Lecture at 4 p.m. April 7 in Mingenback Theatre.

“The world has changed dramatically in the past 30 years,” Schlender said. “In large part because of the inventiveness of creative people in the high-tech industries who have given us microwave ovens, DVD players, computers, cellphones, the Internet, medical devices, and miraculous new medicines, just to name a few.

“They live at the leading edge of our civilization, and there are many lessons to be learned from their endeavors that apply to all of us.”

Schlender is a writer, editor and communications consultant best known for his work profiling the leaders in the digital revolution of the late 20th century in publications such as “The Wall Street Journal” and “Fortune” magazine, which he's written for during a 30-year career.

His award-winning profiles are distinguished by close access to his subjects and global experience and have included articles on Eric Schmidt of Google, Warren Buffett, Andy Grove of Intel, Lou Gerstner of IBM, Akio Morita of Sony, and John Lasseter of Pixar. He's considered an authority on Microsoft founder Bill Gates and is writing an authorized biography of his personal friend Steve Jobs, founder of Apple.

Dr. Steve Gustafson, director of planned giving, plans the annual lecture series and said that McPherson College was looking forward to Schlender’s return to McPherson.

“Son of retired McPherson builder Harold Schlender and the late Charlotte Schlender, Brent has come into contact with significant figures in the technological world that impacts each of us today in very real ways,” Dr. Gustafson said. “We anticipate hearing his insights from a most personal perspective.”

The Raymond and Rowena Flory Lectureship in Public Policy was established at McPherson College by former Flory students Dean Coughenour and Howard Mehlinger in recognition of long-time McPherson residents Dr. Raymond Flory and Mrs. Rowena Frantz Flory. Raymond, who passed away in November 2002, was affiliated with McPherson College for 50 years as an administrator and professor of history and politics. Rowena continues to reside in McPherson. The lectureship is designed to stimulate dialogue on a public policy issue relevant to the McPherson College community, the city of McPherson, and the surrounding area.

The event is free and the public is invited and encouraged to attend.

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