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McPherson College Gallery Features Salina Artist, Quilts

The newest gallery exhibition at McPherson College is currently on display now through March 15 at Friendship Hall. The exhibition, titled Assemblage, features the work of Salina artist Kurt Wolf accompanied by a collection of quilts curated by the college’s art department.

The quilts and Wolf’s artwork have more in common than might first appear, according to Professor Michaela Groeblacher, gallery director. “The artwork and the quilts are both assemblages of parts put together to make something new,” she said.

The artist, whose mother Shirley Wolf owned the Quilting Bee in Salina for 30 years agrees. “My mother fostered my interest in art and with her skills as a craftsperson she saw the beauty in patching together old pieces and swatches of fabric,” he said. “As quilts go, there is more planning and math involved in comparison to what I do, but the art of matching colors, pattern, and texture, and piecing numerous smaller parts to make a bigger part are virtually the same.”

The exhibition is open to the public during regular business hours Monday through Friday. A closing reception will be held on March 15 from 5:30 to 7 p.m.