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POET WATCH: Tomi Simmons

fullsizeoutput_96e-2Writing has been apart of my life for a while. I have been writing since the second grade, and slamming my poetry in a competitive setting  since 2015. It’s funny because I hadn’t started out with performing, I simply showed up to a poetry slam one night and competed. I was the youngest to win the Women of the World Las Vegas Battle Born Slam back in my first year of competing. In addition, I have competed in the Grand Slam Las Vegas  in order to get to nationals through winning preliminary slams in  the years. Unfortunately, my age in the past has stopped me from going to compete nationally. In addition to slams, I have received my own shows and performed at events in Las Vegas as well. My writing has been featured in the magazine “Helen”, the book full of Nevadan poets, Clark, and a book full of women Nevadan authors, Tumble and Weeds. My goal is to publish a book someday full of my writing. However, I just strive to change the world through my writing and spoken word. I am influenced by my past; in fact, I have used it as a healing tool when I first started writing. The outside world and politics also have inspired me to write many poems, because my major is political science. My main goal is to keep sharing and connecting with people in my life.


Youtube: Tsimms Writes