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Inscribe: Spring 2018


Inscribe is it is a platform for students, faculty, and alumni to submit their creative work.  This journal is closely associated with the Rogue Writers club, which focuses on giving students a safe place to share and revise their writing.  Club members gather once a month to write together, share ideas, build connections with local experts, and provide feedback to each other through workshopping.  Toward the end of the semester, members are encouraged to submit their work to Inscribe, so they can experience the formal process of editing and publishing.


The Creators





Editor’s Note

I am so excited to present McPherson College’s first issue of Inscribe!  The original idea for this journal came from Prof. Kerri Snell, who approached me one day after Creative Writing class.  We wanted to continue the rich conversations that happened in class, and we agreed that the college needed a platform for students to publish their creative work.  With only a few interested students, the Rogue Writers club was born. We met once every month to share our ideas, hear each other’s feedback, and discuss the struggles and benefits of creative writing. Prof. Snell arranged guest speakers, brought snacks, and provided prompts to help us focus our ideas.

When it came time to call for journal submissions, I hoped to get a few pieces from the club members and alumni. The response far exceeded my expectations! Over the next couple months I received works of poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and photography from people of all walks of life.  Our group of nineteen “creators” is a diverse mix of college students, professors, and alumni, ranging from freshmen to retirees. We have biology majors, automotive restoration students, and graphic designers. I am beyond thrilled with the result of this project, and I only expect it to grow with time. We are planning to publish a printed issue in the fall, and I am excited to see how both the club and the journal expand in the following years.

Cara Hudson, Student Editor