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McPherson College Graduates Find Jobs With Industry Leaders

A key question for most students and families when looking for a college is: Are graduates finding jobs? At McPherson College, the answer to that question is definitely, yes.

Tim Kortebein Mercedes Benz

Tim Kortebein ’18, was hired by Mercedes Benz after completing an internship there as a junior.

Not only are McPherson College students finding jobs, but they are finding jobs with leaders in industry. Tim Kortebein, a 2018 graduate, is working for Mercedes Benz, where he is part of the team that actively restores projects to preserve and maintain the integrity of the brand and offers support to dealers, individuals, and clubs around the world. He was hired as the company’s first regular full-time upholstery technician after completing an internship there as a junior.

“I was never too worried about finding job after graduation,” Kortebein said. “By the time I had decided to transfer to McPherson College, I had confidence that I would be able to find a position doing what I loved.”

Kortebein said that the school’s reputation and knowing that its graduates were working in their field helped him make his decision to leave the engineering program he was enrolled in at the University of Michigan.

“The liberal arts aspect of my education makes a big difference too,” he said. “Having the skills in writing and communicating opens other possibilities for me. It shows my boss that I am well-rounded and capable of more.”

Prior to commencement, the McPherson College career services office surveyed the class of 2018 and found some remarkable results. In the automotive restoration program, 96 percent of the students had jobs in their field before receiving a diploma. Additionally, two-thirds of the entire graduating class reported that they had jobs or graduate school placement before graduating.

“What is impressive is these numbers are not six months out after graduation. These are real jobs before graduation.” Michael Schneider, McPherson College president said. “When our students are securing jobs or graduate school placements at a rate three times better than the national average, that is proof McPherson College is a sound investment.”

Students are taking notice of McPherson College’s reputation for finding a job or entering graduate school. Parkes Wolters of Osborne, Kansas was recruited to McPherson College to play basketball, but decided to come because of the reputation the college’s natural science department had in getting students accepted into medical school programs.

Parkes Wolters in science lab

Biochemistry major Parkes Wolters ’19 has been accepted into KU School of Medicine.

“I’m more academically focused than athletically focused,” he said. “I picked McPherson College because of the strong science faculty here and because of the strong natural sciences program.”

Wolters, who will begin his senior year in the fall as a biochemistry major, was among an elite group of college students accepted into the Scholars in Rural Health program at the University of Kansas at the end of his sophomore year. Acceptance in the program assures him admission to the KU School of Medicine.

Others like incoming freshman Chloe Jones, who graduated from McPherson High School, are also recognizing that McPherson College graduates are getting ahead in the work force and looking at the college’s strong programs like communications. Jones plans to major in communications and will play in the band.

“I looked at other schools, but liked McPherson College,” Jones said. “I knew that I would be able to find a job in the major I was choosing.”