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Beginning of a New Semester!

Hello Friends,


The leaders of Rogue Writers and Inscribe have come back to campus with renewed and re-energized minds as they plan for another semester of exciting writing events.  After a long summer, we have all had time to brainstorm and develop new ideas for our club this year. After a short meeting at Craft Coffee last week, leaders Cara Hudson, Joyce Muhizi, and Tomi Simmons came away with ideas for nearly twice as many club events as were held last semester. It is safe to say there is no lack of creativity in this group! This Wednesday, the first Rogue Writers club meeting will be held in Mohler 204 at noon.  We will be proposing new ideas to the club, discussing times and dates for meetings, and hopefully gaining insight from new first-year students!


Some programs we are currently planning are: Black-Out Poetry Night, where students choose a random page of text and “black out” the words that seem uninteresting or unimportant to them, eventually creating a poem from the words left on the page; Open-Mic Night in the pound, which will provide snacks for students while offering them the opportunity to share their creative writing with classmates and friends; Fandom Trivia Night, where students can show off their “book smarts” and earn prizes for knowing facts about popular book series; and Scrabble Mania, a tournament that will encourage students’ reading and vocabulary skills while also offering fun prizes and cool snacks!  Other events we are excited for this semester are our semi-annual launch party for the release of another Inscribe issue, a Library service project that is currently in the works, and our collaboration with the theater department to organize short poetry readings at the beginning of each “First Nighters” event.


Along with these exciting events, we will also be holding our regular meetings, where we share thoughts with each other and workshop our classmates’ writing.  We plan to host more guest speakers and local writers this semester so they can share their expertise with the group, and we already have some folks who are interested in speaking!  As always, all students are welcome to attend our meetings, whether or not they are writers.  We are looking forward to another year of creative storytelling, and we know that McPherson College students never disappoint!


Cara Hudson

Club Leader and Student Editor