Save the Date: May 3, 2019

Donald Osborne, historian, appraiser, consultant, and writer, will share his expertise at “An Evening with AR” on May 3, 2019 at Mingenback Theatre. Osborne, in his signature bowtie, is a regular contributor on Jay Leno’s Garage on CNBC, and lends his considerable knowledge to organizations such as HVA and RM Sotheby’s. More details about his appearance will be on the McPherson College website in March.


Meet New NAB Members

Casey Maxon ’13, Heritage Specialist, Historic Vehicle Association: “I am thrilled to serve on the National Advisory Board, lending my support to students that will be the next stewards of our automotive heritage and to the faculty and institution that is vital to making it happen.”

Ross Barton ’06Manager, Calkins Collection (where he maintains and manages their collection of Vintage Sport and historic Indy racing cars): “The reason I choose to serve on the advisory board is to give back to a program that has given me so much. Much of the success in my career I owe to McPherson College.”

Dave Kinney, Owner of USAppraisal :”For me, choosing to serve on the advisory board is a combination of passions. Most obviously is the love of the automobile, but also the motor vehicle’s  role in society and the various twists and turns in its history.”

Mercedes Update

Engine – Students recently met on a Friday night to begin work on the Mercedes-Benz 300 S engine. The engine, which is original to the vehicle, was disassembled and parts were bagged and properly identified. After a complete list is created, parts will be sourced to rebuild the engine.

Trim – The leather for the Mercedes-Benz 300 S project has officially been cut! Students continue to do small practice examples before beginning construction of the final back seat cover. The nine leather hides for the project were donated by the Dallas company, Aeristo, a leading supplier of high-end leathers for companies around the world.

New To Us

AR recently received two interesting donations that will be added to the rotation of projects student have an opportunity to work on. AR continues to manage its inventory by accepting automobiles that provide students a diverse array for learning opportunities. Recent donations include a 1956 Continental Mark II, all original, one owner, and a 1972 Formula Ford, Royal chassis.

Program News:

Ferrari Club of America Partnership – In November, we will make a joint announcement with Ferrari Club of America about a partnership to support scholarships, internship opportunities, tooling, and student experience for automotive restoration students. The FCA sponsored four students to attend its annual meet in Corning, New York in September. Students attended judging meetings and served as apprentice judges for the Concours and got to visit the Watkins-Glen racetrack.
American Bugatti Club Project – Professor Luke Chennell, along with students Philip Reinhardt and Carlos Espinel, created a Bugatti Rally Manual for the American Bugatti Club. This was an extensive research and writing project. Professor Chennell and the students were invited to attend the annual meeting this March in Californa where they presented their work to club members. Student Nick Chapetta was selected to join the team in May when Espinel graduate. Chapetta, Reinhardt and Professor Chennell were recently guests at the Lime Rock race track in Connecticut where they worked on cars in the pits and familiarized themselves with the Grand Prix Bugattis for the next manual project.

Alumni Update:

NAME: Austin Grabowski
RESIDENCE: California
WORK: Grabowski Speed Shop
Austin’s work was recently featured online in Hot Rod Deluxe. The article highlights the Olds Rocket Powered 1932 Ford Roadster that he worked on as a student. It’s a great article with fantastic photos of his Roadster.

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