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Inscribe: Fall 2018


Inscribe is a platform for students, faculty, and alumni to submit their creative work.  This journal is associated with the Rogue Writers club, which focuses on giving students a safe place to share and revise their writing.  Club members gather once a week to write together, share ideas, build connections with local experts, and provide feedback to each other through workshopping.  Club events like Open Mic Nights and Write-Ins are fun opportunities for students to support each other in their creative efforts.  Toward the end of each semester, members are encouraged to submit their work to Inscribe, so they can experience the formal process of editing and publishing.



The Creators




Friends of MC



Ever Beautiful  by A.R. Combs

Let’s Dance  by A.R. Combs

Oceans In the Sky  by A.R. Combs

Remember Me  by A.R. Combs

Sunrise Over New Gottland  by Kendra Flory

Quiet  by Jillian Overstake Forsberg

Stoplight  by Erin Fralick

Minor Thoughts  by Cara Hudson

Broken Tape  by Tomi Simmons

Golden Girl  by Tomi Simmons

I Carry It With Me  by Kerri Vinson Snell

After A Disaster  by Ila Verne Lobban Stull

Oh! Rain  by Ila Verne Lobban Stull



Abcedarian Essay  by Shyanne Henkis 



Angels in the Balcony  by Abigail D. Briscoe

Words of Regret  by Cali Godwin

Valentine’s Day Love Story  by Ila Verne Lobban Stull



Boy with his Empty Plate  by Robert Dell

Flowers in a Bottle  by Robert Dell

Hollyhock in Black and White  by Robert Dell

The Memory of a Rose  by Robert Dell


Editor’s Note

It is my pleasure to present McPherson College’s second issue of Inscribe!  As student editor of the creative journal and president of the Rogue Writers club, I am proud to see how our creative community has developed on campus in the past two years.  McPherson College students have so much talent and influence to share with the world, and I love being able to help students amplify their voices through my work with Inscribe and Rogue Writers.  Creative Writing is something I am passionate about myself, so it is neat to see others responding to the efforts that my friends and I have put into this project.

Editing this journal is a very emotional experience.  Writers pour their hearts into these pieces, and I can often be seen crying behind my laptop when I am reading the works that are submitted for this journal!  Even though this issue is shorter than last semester’s, it includes some particularly moving pieces that really tug at the heartstrings.  Part of what makes Inscribe so special is the diversity of our creators.  We have students, alumni, and faculty of all walks of life, all from various hometowns and different fields of study, and they have powerful stories to tell.

Last spring was our first issue, and as with any project, the first time was the most chaotic.  I spent much of my time running around campus and frantically sending emails, while also trying to figure out the technical side of publishing (which is not my area of expertise).  The overall process went much smoother this time.  There are still some kinks to work out, but I believe this semester was much less stressful for all who were involved.

With two online volumes under our belt, I am ecstatic to announce that we will be publishing our first print journal this spring!  We are still in the early stages of planning, but I am already very excited about this project.  As a senior who will be graduating this May, I can not think of a better way to end my time at McPherson College than producing a print issue of Inscribe.  I am proud of the various ways that our club has grown, and I am excited to start planning for next semester!

Cara Hudson, Student Editor