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McPherson College Adapting to New International Study Guidelines

(Editor’s Note: On July 14, 2020, the White House administration rescinded the order barring international students from studying in the United States if they were taking only online classes. MC continues to work with all international students for arrival to campus for the fall semester.)

McPherson College is working through the specifics of a new directive from Immigration and Customs Enforcement prohibiting international students from returning to or remaining in the United States if their college adopts an online-only instruction model for the fall. The new rule was announced on July 6.

“We have a team looking at the new ruling and exploring solutions that both meet the guidelines and allow students to complete their semester if there is a disruption,” Christi Hopkins, vice president for enrollment management, said. “Our international students are an important part of our campus and we will stand with them during this challenging time.”

McPherson College is committed to starting its fall semester on August 17 with both in-person and hybrid classes (a combination of in-person and remote instruction.) If another outbreak of the virus disrupts the fall semester, the college is exploring ways to continue to offer international students a hybrid approach that will allow them to complete the semester on campus.

Currently, the college is assisting students in the Student and Visitor Exchange Program who are able to travel without issue with their return to campus by July 26 to begin a 14-day self-quarantine prior to the beginning of the semester. Additionally, the college is reaching out to international students who are experiencing challenges in returning to campus.