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Senior Capstone 2022

2022 Senior Presentations

Art & Design

Senior Art & Design Exhibition
May 2-22, Friendship Hall Gallery
Gallery reception Friday, May 20, from 6:00-7:30 p.m.

Abigail Briscoe, Studio Art
Cailey Cornett, Digital Media: Visual Design
Grayson Henry, Graphic Design
Ben Holmes, Graphic Design
Maddie Mullen, Studio Art
Grant Owens, Auto-Restoration Design
Allyson Ragsdale, Auto-Restoration Design
Adrianna Tillman, Studio Art
Brandy Trengove, Graphic Design Photography


Behavioral Science

Senior Research Symposium
Thursday, May 5 from 12:00-5:00 pm, Melhorn Lecture Hall Watch on Livestream

Jadin Fleming: Spirituality and Sleep Paralysis
Sydney Hicks: Attentional Control Theory and Processing Efficiency in College Students
Amber Frederick: The Effects of Domestic Abuse among Women in Relationships
Owen Sutherland: Compatibility Between Same-Gender Roommates
Molly Booker: Different Perspectives of Love
Kollin Goering: Sleep Duration and Self-Esteem among College Students
Jordan Bruner: Recreating the Doll Study: Children’s Awareness of Racial Differences
Vannesa Cisneros: Attachment Style as a Determinant of Relationship Satisfaction
Anika Jobe: Bilingualism and Speed of Executive Function
Kourtney Brumley: Emotion and Gender in the Courtroom: Effects on Verdicts and Sentencing
Melvin Reid: Experiences Through the Eyes of Minority: Challenges and Reality
Ja’Kia Wells: Effects of Social Media on Self-Esteem and Body Image
Emma Stevens: Do I Help You, or Do I Help Myself? Altruistic Choices in College Students
Hannah McKay: Coping and Social Support: Effects on Chronic Illness and Mental Well-Being
Opeyemi Agosa: Religion and Attitudes Towards the Death Penalty
Sean Thomson: Athletes and the Big Five: Personality in Sports
Tyler Wood: Sleep Deprivation and Its Effects on Baseball Performance



Senior Presentations
Tuesday, May 10, from 4-5 p.m. in Mohler 231

Kody Scholl: “It’s dangerous, son …When a man goes outside his home to look for peace.” A Raisin in the Sun: What it Means to be Home
Rebekkah Wamser: “You Deserve More than This”: Womanism in Alice Walker’s The Color Purple


Math Senior Symposium
May 11, 2022, 3 p.m., Melhorn 112

Dylan Templeman: Gambler’s Ruin
Hannah Wedel: Tips for Teaching a Blind Student Secondary Mathematics



Senior Recitals
Sierra Grow, flute – Friday, April 22 at 7:00 pm, Church of the Brethren.


Natural Sciences

39th Annual Research Forum
Monday, April 25 from 1:00 to 3:00 pm, Melhorn Hall. Watch on Livestream

Brionnah Fessler: Leaf morphology in response to changes in light intensity in Convolvulus tricolor
Madison Hall: The antifungal activity of cajeput (Melaleuca cajuputi), niaouli (Melaleuca quinquenervia), and rosalina (Melaleuca ericifolia) essential oils against Candida albicans
Robert Medina: Monarch butterfly larvae and airborne chemicals in relation to identifying milkweed
Erica Paradise: Effects of soil microbial community variability on Silphium integrifolium, Lespedeza capitata, and Andropogon gerardii growth
Emma Singleton: A greener method for the Diels-Alder reaction using anthracene and maleic anhydride


Philosophy & Religion

Kody Scholl – Separation of Church and Public Schools: Freedoms of the Students and Teachers and What the Courts Decide Is Constitutional
Tuesday, May 10 at 7:00 pm, Mohler 212.


Teacher Education

Ryan Bosque Elementary PE, Steven Millard ES, Fremont, CA; Secondary PE Capuchino HS, San Bruno, CA
Kyrstin Branscum Math, Hutchinson HS, USD 308, Hutchinson, KS
Colton Chamberlain English, McPherson HS, USD 418, McPherson, KS
Alexandra Gipson 4th/ELED, Washington ES, USD 418, McPherson, KS; SPED, Washington ES, USD 418, McPherson, KS
Jocelyn Mabery Elementary PE, Lincoln ES, USD 418, McPherson, KS; Secondary PE, McPherson HS, USD 418, McPherson, KS
Tori Maples Biology, Hutchinson HS, USD 308, Hutchinson, KS
Peyton Morris 1st/ELED, Canton-Galva ES, USD 419, Galva, KS; SPED, Roosevelt ES, USD 418, McPherson, KS
Lexi Sandoval History, McPherson MS, USD 418, McPherson, KS
Katherine Saul History, McPherson HS, USD 418, McPherson, KS
Kaden Tichenor Kindergarten/ELED, Eisenhower ES, USD 418, McPherson, KS
Ahren Turner Elementary PE, Roosevelt ES, USD 418, McPherson, KS; Secondary PE, McPherson HS, USD 418, McPherson, KS
Hannah Wedel Math/SPED, Colorado School for the Deaf and Blind, Colorado Springs, CO
Alyssa Wilson Biology, Hutchinson HS, USD 308, Hutchinson, KS
Ellis Woodruff History, Smoky Valley HS, USD 400, Lindsborg, KS