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Kansas Ethnic Minority Grant

The Kansas Ethnic Minority Scholarship program is designed to assist financially needy, academically competitive students who are identified as members of any of the following ethnic/racial groups: African American; American Indian or Alaskan Native; Asian or Pacific Islander; or Hispanic. The Kansas Ethnic Minority Grant does not need to be repaid.   Recipients in 2015-16 received $1,850 for the year.

Forms and Procedures to Apply
To apply for the Kansas Ethnic Minority Grant, students must:

  • Apply to and be accepted to McPherson College
  • Submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and receive a result known as the Expected Family Contribution (EFC).   The FAFSA is available at .   Students should make sure to include McPherson College’s FAFSA code 001933.
  • Submit a State of Kansas Student Aid Application.   This application is available in several formats and is available at:

Eligibility Requirements
To be eligible for the Kansas Ethnic Minority Grant at McPherson College, students must:

  • Meet the general eligibility requirements as stated within the “Eligibility for Federal Student Financial Aid” section of the Consumer Information Page
  • Submit all forms for application by May 1st of each year
  • Be a Kansas resident
  • Be a member of the following ethnic/racial groups
    • African American
    • American Indian or Alaska Native
    • Asian or Pacific Island
    • Hispanic
  • Meet one of the following academic criteria
    • 21 ACT or 990 SAT
    • 0 High School GPA
    • Ranked top 33% of graduating class
    • Completion of Kansas Scholars Curriculum
    • Selection by National Merit Corporation in any category
    • Selection by College Board as a Hispanic Scholar

Criteria for recipient selection
The Kansas Board of Regents determines the recipients of the Kansas Ethnic Minority Grant.

Criteria for award amount
Recipients receive $1850 per year.

Criteria for continued eligibility
To continue receiving the Kansas Ethnic Minority Grant, students must:

  • Meet the Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements as explained in the college catalog each semester
  • Submit a new FAFSA and State application each year
  • Remain a Kansas resident
  • Maintain a 2.0 cumulative GPA

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