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Julia Kuttler Ph.D.

Julia Largent


Ph.D., Bowling Green State University (2017)
M.A., Ball State University (2013)
B.S., Manchester College (2011)

Julia’s research focuses on documentary studies, fan studies, social media, and nonviolence in video games. She graduated with her Ph.D. in Media and Communication from Bowling Green State University in August 2017. Julia received her MA in Digital Storytelling from Ball State University in 2013. She received her BS in Peace Studies and Communication Studies from Manchester University in 2011. Her peace studies background, alongside her communication and media studies background, gives her a unique look at media. Julia has published and presented on fans’ interactions with social media, virtual pacifism within video games, and user-generated and user-backed documentaries and television shows.

“Growing up in a peace church, treating people with respect and learning to listen to others’ experiences have shaped not only my personality but also how I approach teaching. I want students to feel welcomed to express their ideas and grow through experience, not merely through reading. I strive for an inclusive and engaging learning environment. By including media, activities, and service learning, I hope students from all disciplines leave my classroom with an interest in analyzing media and understanding the importance in critical thinking.”