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Presidential Scholarship Competition

  • Presidential Scholarship

    The Presidential Scholarship is the most prestigious of the McPherson College scholarships and can be up to $6,000 per year. This award is in addition to the Merit Scholarship based on your GPA/ACT scores. This scholarship is awarded to all who qualify for a Presidential Scholarship Competition Day and is based on the following: round table discussion, group activity, personal interviews and high school academic record.

Combined Presidential plus Merit scholarships range from $12,000 to $21,000 per year for first time freshman and are renewed annually for four years provided satisfactory academic progress is maintained.

One full-tuition scholarship is awarded after all of the scholarship days are completed.

2020-2021 Presidential Scholarship Competition dates:

October 24, 2020 in-person
January 23, 2021 in-person
March 20, 2021 in-person

October 24, 2020 Sign Up