Are you a compassionate person interested in helping others? Do you enjoy the challenge of working with children? Are you interested in being a positive role model? A career in teacher education could be the right choice for you.

McPherson College is now offering an accelerated teacher education program to incoming freshman which leads to:

  • Combined B.S. & M.Ed. in Teacher EducationB.S. in Elementary Education and M.Ed. in Curriculum & Instruction degrees

  • with licensure in K-6 Elementary Education

  • plus an added endorsement of either ESOL or Special Education

  • completed in just four years.

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Teacher education at McPherson College has long been one of the foundational cornerstones on which the institution was established. The mission of the Teacher Education Program is to develop service-oriented educators who effectively blend the art and science of teaching.
The Teacher Education Program at McPherson College focuses on three major levels of licensure in the Elementary Education major: 6-12 Licensure, K-6 Licensure and PK-12 Licensure. See our Catalog for program and course descriptions.
Our faculty are outstanding and dedicated to meeting needs of future educators.
McPherson College offers scholarships and financial assistance to all of its students.
Students learn by applying their knowledge during practica and student teaching in classrooms throughout the McPherson area.
The various forms needed for courses, student teaching, and admittance to various levels of the teacher education program.
This manual is to explain and clarify the Policies & Procedures of the Teacher Education Program.

From the Teacher Education faculty:

“We’ve all had memorable teachers in our lives. Some were a positive force, others were not.  As a teacher of future teachers, I try my best to model and instill in my students positive teacher dispositions such as a love of learning, humor, patience, and accountability.”
Dr. Shane Kirchner, Professor of Education
“As a teacher and a lifelong learner, I believe the best way for students to learn how to be an effective teacher is to learn the WHAT alongside the HOW.   I believe in teaching students what they need to know about education and teaching through the use of instructional activities they will also use with their own students one day.  With that in mind, I strive every day to create an engaging and dynamic learning experience for our students.”
“I love the look in a student’s eye when they get a concept or when they realize what a passion they have for a subject.  My goals as an educator are to inspire students to experience success, to encourage students to be lifelong learners and to spark a fire in prospective teachers to be excited about what their future holds.”


Student Teaching
Students learn by applying their knowledge during practica and student teaching in classrooms throughout the McPherson area.

EdChat Workshop


A workshop for high school students interested in teaching. McPherson College invites students to learn, share and engage in the future of education. Learn from current Kansas teachers, collaborate with fellow students and hear from McPherson College student about preparing to become a teacher.