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Financial Aid Toolbox

Financial Aid toolbox

Understanding all the complexities of college financial aid is nearly impossible.

The McPherson College Financial Aid Toolbox is a resource that can help direct you to sources that address a variety of college financial aid and college attainment questions:


Federal Aid eligibility is based on financial need rather than academic achievement. To determine what a student is eligible for they must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
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How do schools determine NEED?

The federal government provides this equation for schools to determine financial need: Cost of Attendance – EFC = Need
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Grants, Loans & Scholarships

There are three main types of financial aid; Grants, Scholarships and Loans. While your eligibility for these are often determined by the results of the FAFSA, they can be quite different in the way they are awarded and renewed from year to year.
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Student Debt Project

Interested in graduating debt free? We don’t think graduating with a mortgage on your education needs to be a solution to college access. And as a private institution, we’ve done something about it. We make college accessible without lots of debt.
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ACT Prep

Doing well on the ACT can translate into additional scholarship money, so it is worth your time to prepare.
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College Savings Plans

Want to begin saving for college, but overwhelmed with the options? Check out this information about the 529 College Savings Plan.
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Non-Citizen Eligibility

As a non-citizen of the US are you eligible for federal student aid?
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