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First Graduate Courses in Education at McPherson College Starting Fall of 2012

posted Mar 14, 2012 in ACADEMICS

One of the most innovative approaches in teaching is now being offered at McPherson College to students passionate about making a difference in the classroom. The college is offering its first graduate-level courses in education starting in fall 2012.

Dr. Mark Malaby is the director of the graduate courses in education and associate professor of education at McPherson College. He has spent the last academic year developing the unique curriculum. The courses fit in with the college’s entrepreneurial mindset, and will assist students in developing a new program or initiative that creates a significant difference in real-world classrooms.

The graduate courses are set to encourage quality educators who both know the material and have a passion for making a difference in students’ lives.

“Relationships drive education,” Dr. Malaby said. “They predicate everything. Without them, education does not happen.”

McPherson College is seeking initial accreditation in fall of 2012 from the regional accrediting body, the Higher Learning Commission (HLC), with the hopes of gaining HLC approval to offer a Master’s in Education degree based on the course offerings. The courses have already received the endorsement of the McPherson, Little River and Smoky Valley school districts, which are encouraging their teachers to enroll in the classes. About half of the classes will be taught by working school administrators and superintendents in the area.

The initial graduate level courses are “Issues in Education” and “Foundations of Education”, which are designed to help educators to understand the broad factors that create unequal educational quality and how these issues apply to each student’s practical situation.

One of the most innovative aspects of the course offerings will be the elective credit courses – which will be truly elective. Dr. Malaby is compiling a database of potential adjunct instructors from the campus and community with a wide range of areas of expertise. The students taking these courses will be able to choose precisely which topics they need to learn about, be matched with an expert instructor and create a precisely customized course with them from the ground up.

“We enthusiastically endorse the idea that our students know better than anyone what’s going on in their environment,” Dr. Malaby said. “We are the facilitators. The students are the experts. It makes education a lot less authoritarian and a lot more productive when you approach it from that standpoint.”

For more information or to apply to take graduate level courses in education, contact Teresa Graham, graduate admissions officer, at or 620-242-0485. More information is also available at

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