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McPherson College Announces Latest Horizon Fund Grant Recipients

Since 2010 McPherson College has been encouraging the entrepreneurial ideas of its students by awarding mini-grants that help students develop innovative solutions to common problems. With more than 250 grants awarded, the college recently announced the latest recipients of the Horizon Fund Grants.

This fall, the Horizon Fund is providing grants to 10 students with ideas ranging from hand-crafted tools to book publishing. The individual grants range from $100 to $500 and students have the opportunity to reapply for continued funding of an existing Horizon Fund project.

Abbey Archer-Rierson, chief of staff and head of the entrepreneurship program at McPherson College, said, “The Horizon Fund grant is just one of the many ways that McPherson College demonstrates its commitment to entrepreneurship and supporting entrepreneurial students on our campus. The grants have supported a variety of wildly creative ideas and this most recent round of funding is no exception.”

Any McPherson College student, in any major of study is eligible for the grant, whether individually or as part of a team. Grant proposals are considered each semester and evaluated by a team of faculty and staff that interview each applicant.

Recipients of the fall 2018 Horizon Fund grants are:

  • Summer Buckshaw, junior, studio arts, McPherson – Etsy store to make, sell, and repair vintage-inspired clothing – “I am meeting the need for professional quality, custom clothing with vintage designs that are rising in popularity.”
  • Mason Duffey, sophomore, automotive communications, Bellbrook, Ohio – Professional automotive photography – “Eventually, I would like to make a book highlighting the different subcultures of the automobile scene and the different types of people that are in each subculture.”
  • Grayson Henry, freshman, graphic design major, McKinney, Texas – Gray Sun Boutique – “My online boutique philosophy will be to bring uniqueness to a woman’s wardrobe at a price unlike other pricier websites.”
  • Charley Hoehaver, junior automotive restoration technology, Auburn, Alabama – Professional automotive photography – “In the nearly six years of doing this, I’ve seen far greater success with my work than I’d ever imagined and I am motivated to continue to improve in efforts to help achieve my greater goal.”
  • Reed MacDougall, junior, history major from Fort Riley, Kansas – Make and sell homemade potato chips – “I’ve thought since I went to school here that the snack option in the library is lacking variety. Why can’t I make a cheap and tasty snack?”
  • Matthew Miller-Wells, senior, historic automotive technology, Leavenworth, Kansas – Blog dedicated to finding abandoned buildings and monuments in Kansas City and Wichita – “It’s as much an adventure for me as it is for the reader. My blog would serve both as educating those curious of the history while reading about my personal experiences riding a vintage motorcycle on my travels.”
  • Sam Nelson, senior, chemistry, Clearfield, Utah – Food pantry for students with children – “Supply those in need with diapers, formula, or anything else they may need for their kids.”
  • Alex Ramsier, senior, automotive restoration technology, Wooster, Ohio – Automotive shop – “I am taking a different approach by meeting the need of an affordable product, allowing people to enter the car community or bring their pride and joy back to life.”
  • Sean Robinson, freshman, automotive restoration technology, La Grange, Illinois – Make and sell precision hammers – “The hammers are high-quality built combined with brass heads and exotic wood handles custom-turned to balance perfectly in the customer’s hand that look great in any toolbox.”
  • Tomi Simmons, sophomore, history-political science, Las Vegas, Nevada – Publish a creative writing book – “I would represent the school in a great manner that would influence other writers and people to be a part of the growing creative community we have at McPherson College.”