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Student Government Association Provides New Free Laundry Service

The McPherson College Student Government Association (SGA) will welcome students back to the spring semester with a surprise – free laundry. All coin-operated machines in all resident halls have been eliminated and SGA will fund the new service to students.

“We felt as an organization that free laundry would not only benefit the students, but also make life easier on our staff,” Brandt Wolters, SGA president, said. “It adds another perk to help sell prospective students for our admissions team and reduces maintenance hassles for our facilities team.”

All 24 washers and 26 dryers available to students were converted from coin operated to free over the winter break. SGA will fund the project with no additional fees to students and work with others across campus on partnering opportunities in the community to continue its funding.

“This is in response to SGA student surveys that tell us students want free laundry,” said Ben Coffey, associate vice president for student affairs. “It was the number one most actionable item on all surveys, and it allows us to provide a more home-like atmosphere.”

While SGA expects the new service to have a positive impact on students, it will also a positive change for facilities, according to Marty Sigwing, director of facilities. “It will save costs on machine parts and labor for the time it takes facilities to maintain the coin operated system.”