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Institute “Alum” Challenges Others To Give On Power Day

Jeff Slagle

Jeff Slagle is offering a $10,000 matching gift towards auto restoration on Power Day 2022.

Jeff Slagle is not a McPherson College alumnus but has completed as many classroom hours as some graduates and this year is joining the alumni who support the college’s annual Power Day with a matching gift.

Slagle, who lives in Huntsville, AL, is a regular participant of the Summer Institute offered through the automotive restoration program at McPherson College. Each year in June, the college offers a variety of weeklong classes for hobbyists and professionals taught by the school’s auto restoration faculty. Slagle has been coming to the institute for the past seven years.

“I haven’t taken every class yet, but I have taken some twice,” Slagle said. “I believe in education and wanted to learn from somebody who knows what they are doing rather than watching YouTube videos and possibly learning bad habits.”

“Car Camp,” as he calls it, started for Slagle when he searched the internet for “car schools” and “restoration” in hopes of finding some help on a car project. He found McPherson College and stumbled onto the Summer Institute registration. Slagle says he’s gained knowledge and confidence over the years coming to the summer classes. He is an ASE certified Master Technician and helps other car owners in his local car club work on their classics.

“Just because you are taking a class on engines doesn’t mean that’s all you are learning about,” he said. “It’s interesting, and I keep coming back because that’s where I get to see a lot of my friends. All of the people I have met there over the years are my friends and we all have a common interest. It’s my summer vacation.”

Slagle has been showing his appreciation of the program for several years by making gifts to Power Day, the yearly online day of giving; however, this year he decided to support the college with a $10,000 matching gift for the automotive restoration program.

“I’ve given in the past, mostly to get the free t-shirt,” Slagle jokes. “I was asked if I would consider a matching gift and I thought this was a good way to show my appreciation of the program and maybe encourage others to do the same.”

Power Day is set for March 10 and will include live videos and updates all day on all of the college social media channels. Last year’s Power Day raised nearly $200,000. Other matching opportunities this year include a $50,000 matching gift for the MC Fund or any academic program from the Paul Family as well as $25,000 of matching gifts for athletics, from young alumni, and for the choir trip to Carnegie Hall from the VanGoethem family.

More information about Power Day is on the McPherson College website,