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Power Day March 14, 2019

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What makes YOU a Bulldog Forever?

I’m a Bulldog forever because of family tradition! I’m the 4th generation on my mom’s side and 3rd generation on my dad’s side to attend McPherson. This is in memory my father, Richard D Burger ‘69 and in honor of my mother, Beverly Horner Burger ‘69.
Jennifer Burger '95
The softball and business programs are so dear to my heart. They have given me connections, friends, and memories that I will have for a lifetime!
Valerie Romero '18
Mac college helped form me into the person I am today and created so many connections that I never would have gotten on my own.
Cody Cannon '14
My son went to McPherson College from 2003 to 2007. It was the best decision! He received a wonderful education, played a sport he loved, and made life long friends.
Jane Linhart
Birds of a feather.
Dustin Gregg '00
I had an excellent undergraduate education. The emphases of scholarship, participation, and service have been fundamentals to my own lifelong learning and have been foundational through a Masters of Divinity and a Doctorate of Ministry. I’m grateful!
Nathan Swenson-Reinhold '98
Great people. Incredible professors. Fantastic programs.
Sarah Thrasher '96
The friendships I made and the incredible staff that are there to truly help and see us all be successful. I will always love and represent McPherson College.
James Henderson
It is what led me to become the teacher I always wanted to be.
Jeremy Bernhardt-Purdy '19
I’m a Bulldog forever because McPherson College gave me the ability to participate in everything I enjoy, plus additional involvements, and to be successful and earn a degree from a recognized institution as having academic integrity. It’s also where I met my wife who shares the same feelings. All three of our children graduated from MAC because of the passion we have for MAC College.
John Hoffman '81
My McPherson College experience was literally life-changing for me! I would like my donation designated for the Class of 1967 Scholarship Fund….a wonderful group of friends and classmates who want to pass it on to future students.
Pearl Miller '67
My son and daughter are fourth generation Mac graduates on my mother’s side. It’s in my DNA!
Charles Horner '66
Great memories of Women’s Trio tours for four years, and Choir tours for four years. The small college experience was just right for me. I was Carolyn Fillmore in those days.
Carolyn Harp '61
I’m one of two Mac graduates in my family, the mother of graduates, the aunt of graduates, a former Board of Trustees member, a former Alumni Board member, and a former class agent. I’m happily stuck as a Bulldog forever!
Sigrid Wagner Horner '70
McPherson College allowed me the opportunity to meet some really great people and to have unique experiences I wouldn’t have had anywhere else!
Jessica Robinson '08
I’m a Bulldog Forever because of the connections and relationships made at MC.
Kerri Snell '85
At McPherson College, I gained the education, confidence, and independence I needed to pursue life and a rewarding career in speech language pathology. Opportunities like choir tour to a Navajo reservation in Lybrook, NM, theater performances on the college stage, a January term trip to soak in Broadway shows, and technical English courses like Linguistics will always stand out to me as experiences that shaped me at McPherson College. Every experience of those four years, from 1994-98, make me a Bulldog forever.
Valerie Brubaker '98
I’m a Bulldog Forever because…S.B. Fahnestock.
Dave Kerkove '93
We are Bulldogs Forever because of personal and family ties! I have so many great memories from my four years at Mac!
Joel & Teresa Miller '83
McPherson College has provided me with the resources and connections to make my way in a world that caters to the old but needs the young. Education, Athletics, and the Arts were all made available to myself and dramatically influenced my character. Because of all these resources provided to myself (and other Alumni) it has allowed us to approach the world from a different perspective. I applaud the Faculty and Staff of McPherson College for always taking the extra step to care for students as well as one another. As an Alumni, it is reassuring to see the steps that have been taken to provide for future Bulldogs and I hope they appreciate the effort port forth as well.
Evan Clary '14
Mac College helped us as two 1st generation college students get degrees and changed the trajectory of our family for future generations.
Jason and Jodi Pendleton '92
MAC gave me the opportunity to jump start my career. I want to ensure current and future students have the same or better opportunities that I did.
Kyle Smith '13
The relationships I made while at Mac are what got me to where I am today. Without the amazing staff and fellow student body I would not as successful as I am.
Ripp Harrison '09
The passion of the faculty and staff to support each student’s aspirations is unmatched! I’m a Bulldog Forever!
Jessica Everton '96
Life long friendships that were made at Mcpherson College. Amazing staff, and a beautiful community that made my two years at Mcpherson feel like home.
Yosa Figueroa '14
It is a part of me…my journey took me to MC.
Brian Holloway '94
The support I received and the friendships/relationships made.
Jodi Holloway '92
McPherson College is a community of genuine people. Generations of friends walk with me on my journey and join in my God-song, strengthening me and teaching me. If you and I are Mac alum, I know we are family. That’s why I’m a Bulldog Forever!
Elizabeth Lucore '02
I am a bulldog forever because of the impact MC had on my life. Thank you to my professors for mentorship and guidance. Thank you to MC for opportunities to grow through campus involvement. Lastly, thank you to MC athletics for giving me a 2nd family.
Katie Naccarato '13
The knowledge, confidence and pride in McPherson will always be with us, but the family feel of the community, even a decade later, will always be the reason behind my love for this school. It’s more than a school, it’s a part of all of the students who walk through campus. McPherson college took me in as a young adult and molded me into the person I am today. I am truly grateful for all of those who touched my life. I will always shout my pride for MAC!
Hilary Suppes '09
Wonderful memories, lasting friendships, and skills learned that I can put to use on a regular basis. Go Bulldogs!
Raechel Sittig-Esser '99
The professors and experiences at McPherson that helped prepare me for life after college.
Danielle Jackson '05


What makes me a bulldog forever: We met each other there.
Daryl and Corina Beam '78
Great memories with friends and teammates, along with terrific faculty and coaches, made McPherson College a special place for myself and many others. Best of luck to all current and future students as the college continues to grow.
Austin Klumpe '07
On my initial campus visit, I immediately felt welcome. The staff and students I saw throughout my tour were so kind, and I knew I wanted to be a part of such a warm and inviting community. I never once felt like I didn’t belong there nor questioned if I made the right decision selecting MC to continue my education and athletic career. There will always be a Bulldog paw print on my heart!
Brooke Mulford '12
The memories and friends I made during my time at McPherson College.
Kristen Kirkman '10
Being part of a community that prepares and nurtures a love of participation, education and service. Both to your community, and self. The enriching experiences, examples and lessons prepare students to be stewards of the college’s core mission statement, these also help give a foundation that makes any one strive for and reach the stars.
Kimberly Williams '09
Family history and the great experiences I had there.
Monica Embers '96
Made great friends, had a lot of fun, and happened to slip in some education. Being a Bulldog is pretty awesome.
Dean Michael '91
This place has been home to me my entire life. My Parents went here, I went here. It was always my preferred destination for college. My bulldog family is one of the most important things in my life.
Tyler Bruton '14
When I showed up on campus in 1976 I didn’t know what to expect, except that I wanted to earn an education. I didn’t know anything about the Church of the Brethren. In fact I anticipated seeing nothing but long-bearded Mennonite type individuals in horse and buggy parading everywhere upon arrival. I quickly discovered however that McPherson College was an extremely progressive institution and quite diverse. They strongly emphasized acceptance vice judgment and a strong sense of unity. Mac’s own mission statement discusses the pursuit of truth and scholarly learning as being paramount to the advancement of the common good. I always felt accepted and appreciated at McPherson College. The balance of intellectual and spiritual teachings I encountered at Mac enabled me to grow and develop into a more committed and responsible servant to God, man, and country. These are but a few of the reasons why I remain a Bulldog Forever. Thank you, and God Bless Dr. Stump.
Darrell Ames '80
Ever since high school, I wanted to be an accountant and athlete. Mac College helped me do both way beyond my dreams. Thank you.
Augie Hirt '73
My family at McPherson College!
Kelly McKellar '96
Seeing so many amazing future Bulldogs continue to make the campus is pretty inspiring!
Colby Patton '15
McPherson College is family to me. Many of my closest lifelong friends are through my connections with MC. I am proud to support this fine institution and so proud of their recent growth. Go MC!
Jonathan Klinger '04
I absolutely loved my four years at McPherson! I learned so much more than just my major (graphic design) and I got hands-on experience in all aspects of art. Whenever I talk to someone thinking about their college career, I recommend them to check-out McPherson College.
Morgan Strand '18
I am a Bulldog forever because of the life long friends I made during my time there. It is truly family on the McPherson campus!
Shelley (Cruse) Grattan '97
Family Tradition!
Jana Koehn


The McPherson College community is a family.
Kerri Kobbeman '97
I’m a bulldog forever because I was given the opportunity to learn and grow as a person during my 4 years at McPherson College. Without that opportunity I would not be where I am today without the support of the faculty and staff with whom I crossed paths. I will always look back on my time with great fondness!
Katie Hill '07
Neverending friendships!
Stasi McKibbin '96
I loved my time at MAC. Lifelong friendships make me a Bulldog Forever!
Nichole Williams '03
My husband and I were Bulldogs in high school, our sons were Bulldogs at their high school, and our son and our daughter-in-law ( Marlon and Ashley) are McPherson Bulldogs. I guess that’ s confirmation, “once a Bulldog, always a Bulldog”! We love and miss our McPherson Bulldog family, but everyone will forever be in our hearts. Karen and Medgar Dominique – Donaldsonville, Louisiana
Karen Dominique
Because of the academic tools, unwavering support and that push to find my passion, I am grateful to be a Bulldog Forever.
Rikki (Viehman) Nielsen '09
The McPherson community, both in and out of the campus boundaries was one of the greatest communities I have ever been a part of. It will always share a special place with me.
Lara Neher '15
The growth and impact the college has on students. I knew when I committed to McPherson I was not only joining a program but I was being welcomed to a family.
Jose Arenas '11
MC provides an environment in which to grow spiritually, mentally and phycially! It develops the whole person!
Carol Swenson
I have many memories from my years at McPherson College. Great times come to mind whether I was playing football, as residence director, studying & graduating with my business degree, recruiting, helping coach football, my time on the alumni board & most recently helping support & raise funds for the Bulldogs football team. We look forward to raising our girls around McPherson College & all their activities. Go Dawgs!
Gerald & Stephanie Henderson '85
McPherson College has been in my blood for five generations. But it was as a student that I became a bulldog and a member of the McPherson family. Working at the college I was able to give back to current students. As an alumnus, I am able to share my experience with future students.
Sarah Neher '13
I’m a Bulldog forever because of the close family community that exists on campus. Still being close to professors and staff today means a lot!
Rebecca Schippert '10
The faculty, staff and alumni who molded me into the teacher I am today.
Gabe Padilla '16


I am proud to be a Bulldog Forever.
Carley Hittle '10
Gave me the confidence to move to DC years ago and have a wonderful career and life here!
Vincette Goerl '71
Omar Mireles '04
Friends made at McPherson are friends forever. Whether it’s been one year or twenty, the common bond remains.
Tracy Ikenberry '79
The impact that the college had on me as a person is one that can not be replaced! BULLDOG PRIDE!
Rachel Perez '12
I will forever be greatful for my experiences at McPherson College. I obtained my Bachelors degree and met lifelong friends. I was lucky to have met my husband through McPherson College after my graduation. I will always be a Bulldog!!
Erin Eskildsen '06
I met my wonderful husband here, played the sport I’ve loved since I was a child, basketball, and now get to coach current Bulldogs! I met my lifelong friends here and I’m so thankful to feel like I’m among family here!
Angelina Froese '09
The friends I made here have been friends for life!
Cynthia Moritz '91
I grew up visiting campus almost every day and had the great pleasure of attending McPherson College along with many friends from our church’s high school youth group. So many fond memories were created at Mac!
Eric Dodson '95
McPherson College will always be special to me. I met lifelong friends here, memories that will last forever. Amazing staff, you are more than just a number here. Bulldog forever.
James Temaat '13
The auto restoration program is second to none. That is obvious by the backing from major players and collectors in the automotive and restoration game. Now as a shop owner, skills learned and memories of friendships made often cross my thoughts and bring a smile to my face.
C. Joseph Zwirn '99
McPherson College became my home away from home. Being able to establish friendships with people from around the world is unbelievable. McPherson College’s faculty and staff have prepared me with the necessities in order to pursue my continuing education.
Miguel Isidro '17
A great education that has stood the test of time.
Ann Bucci '75


McPherson helped shape me into an educator (shout-out to Carole, Shay, Dr. K, Shane, Kim, and Bruce!) and still a place I’m proud to call home! Forever a Bulldog!
Ben Coffey '12
We’re so thankful that McPherson College welcomed us as students and then again when we returned as faculty. One thing has remained consistent–whether we are students, alumni or faculty–the McPherson College family is a special bond. That’s what makes us Bulldogs Forever.
Becki & Jd. Bowman '98
McPherson College helped us find ourselves and find each other. We are forever grateful for the ‘bulldog family’ we’ve built over the years. Professors like Dr. Kim Stanley & Dr. Herb Smith are the reasons we continue to give back. They welcomed us into that family & that’s why we are Bulldogs Forever!
Jd & Becki Bowman '98
My educational experiences from McPherson College helped set me up for success in my teaching career. I loved my time at the college and the people there.
Abby Hoffman '07
I appreciate the instruction that I received from Dr.Raymond Flory.
Larry Holmes '63
What makes me a bulldog forever: Family and friends and memories.
Doug and Wylene Lengel '82
The family connection! Coming back to see your friends from college and being reunited – there is nothing like it! My professors were all wonderful and I had the best 3 years!
Kenna Elliott '17
As a Hoffman I think its part of our DNA. Shout out to the D-Block- Stew, Coop, Erb’s n Spices, Kimble, Ripp, Deno, Luter- Some of my fondest memories come from this crew!
Matt Hoffman '08
What makes me a bulldog forever: My Mac family!
Garrett Sharp '13
I’m a Bulldog Forever because of the family atmosphere and the lifetime connections you make at McPherson College.
Caleb Hecker '17
What makes me a bulldog forever: Having a father, a husband, and myself as graduates of MAC! 👍
Virginia Luty '78
I am a Bulldog Forever as a result of the knowledge and friendships I gained in and out of the MC classrooms.
Roxane Ayres '11
My coaches, teammates and business professors helped make me who I am today.
Jared Heinen '07


The staff, faculty and student body created a community that helped me establish who I am and provided opportunities to grow. Mac is in my heart and flows through my veins.
Daniel Butler '05
I feel privileged to have studied science under Doctors Burkholder, Ikenberry and DeCoursey. I believe I’m where I am today because of my McPherson College education.
Brent Willems '82
McPherson College gave me my start in a number of ways. It challenged me to be a better version of myself, it introduced me to my best friends, and it gave me the tools to turn a passion into a career. #BulldogForLife
Alan Grosbach '08
Deb just retired from an amazing career at McPherson College. Al’s family heritage spans multiple generations. Both of our children are graduates of MC. We love MC and are Bulldogs forever!
Deb & Al Wagoner
We love Mac!
Brian and Julie Huber '92
We have been grafted on to the McPherson College family tree. Love being there.
Francis Hendricks '66
We are bulldogs forever because of the relationships we made and the opportunities we were given to travel and get involved! We love our MC family!
Logan and Madison Schrag '18
Its all about the people. Starts with the faculty and staff taking an interest in every student on campus, and continues with the long lasting relationships and friendships built with classmates and the great people working at MC.
Jonathan Rothrock '06
MC has given me so many experiences that have helped me be better personally and professionally. From world travel to life long connections and friends, I know my family is proud to be forever BULLDOGS!
Jacob Patrick '14
What makes me a bulldog forever: Great learning experience. Great memories.
David Anders '64
My mom worked there for 35 years – I was pretty much raised there. Now I’m an alum and will forever have Mac in my heart. Way to go Bulldogs! Good luck on Power Day!
Keely Bontrager '08
I’m Bulldog Forever due to the friendships and community that I developed while there. It’s a GREAT day to be a BULLDOG!!
Sheila Bevan '07
What makes me a bulldog forever: The family feeling I still get when I walk on campus.
Arelyn Seirer '16
Being able to meet so many incredible people and all the amazing opportunities ON TOP OF the phenomenal education makes me a bulldog forever!
Whitney Murray '18


The connection through close friendships and shared experiences as well as being invested in by so many faculty and staff for 4 years and beyond.
Lynn Walter '01
I’ll forever be a Bulldog because of the family I gained while at Mac!
Ashley Pizzuto (Luthye) '11
Being part of the McPherson College family and community is something I am extremely proud to be a part of and what makes me a Bulldog Forever.
Nathan Clary '10
It’s the best place to work!!!!!
Johnny Gilkey
Being seen and valued as an individual my four years at Mac!
Erin Cassidente '97
What makes me a bulldog forever: A total of 40 years as a student and employee.
Bruce Clary '77
The incredible people I was surrounded with as a student and NOW as an EMPLOYEE! 🙂 I love this place.
Chandler Short '15
The great relationships that are still as important as they were then and the professors that took in interest in you all aspects of life!
Richard (Lee) Gustafson '07
I may be a Bethany Swede :), but love seeing what MC is doing and where it’s headed.
Ryan Chambers
MC will always be a second home for me. I am so thankful for lasting friendships in every corner of the United States and beyond.
Jo Hoffman '17
What makes me a bulldog forever: Numerous reasons!
Lois Grove '64
What makes me a bulldog forever is the persons we have met and the friends we continue to enjoy.
Sheryl Railsback '73
McPherson College will always be a special place to my family and I. The supportive faculty and campus atmosphere made me immediately feel at home. The education I received from McPherson College has made it possible for me to be successful in my civil servant career.
Cole Long '14
I always say there’s no fear in McPherson. I made lifelong friends there, and I met my wife there.
Chris Lange '11


What makes me a bulldog forever is the persons we have met and the friends we continue to enjoy.
Gene Railsback '72
What makes me a bulldog forever is the education I was provided along with the amazing faculty and staff!
Matt Tobias '04
McPherson College gave me the start for a life-long career in education. Today, I’m preparing the next generation of classroom teachers because I got that start. #BulldogForever!
Bruce Spitzer '84
Attending McPherson College changed my life forever and I will always be greatful for the professors and staff. We have made forever friends and always look back at our time with happy memories.
Ashley Long '16
Love McPherson College! Great place and great staff and faculty!
Diane Patton '81
I am so grateful for the education I received, the lifelong friendships I established, and the memories I made at McPherson College!
Shannon Wescott '12
McPherson College is special to us because of the lifetime friendships and connections established while attending.
Stacey Bruton '92
My girls are the 5th generation to go there!
Connie Weesner
My time at McPherson College changed the trajectory of my life. I will always grateful for the faculty, staff, students, families, and my peers for the lasting impressions they have made on my life. Always a Bulldog Forever.
ShaRhonda Maclin '00
What makes me a bulldog forever is the relationships that I built with the faculty when I was a student. They were truly invested and helped me to accomplish the goals I set forth! I will always cherish those two years. I continue to feel blessed that I have the opportunity to do the same with current students in the program.
Michael Dudley '10

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Special thanks to the Paul Family for the incredible generosity!

Special thanks to the Paul Family for the incredible generosity!! Supporting student scholarships and programs on Power Day is off to a great start!

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