Thank you Bulldog family for supporting our students on Power Day 2018!

We reached $76,607 in gifts on Thursday, March 8, 2018 and $118,532 through the weekend.

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Power Day gifts received
Power Day donors
Go Dawgs!
Nathan and Amy Brubaker '95
We love Mac College! Thanks for doing such a great job DB!
Ashley Long '16
Love! Peace! & Bulldog Nation! Good luck, fam.
ShaRhonda Maclin '00
Proud to be a member of the Bulldog Family!!!
Michelle Horner '97
Dave Barrett is the bomb! Fly eagles fly! Dave will understand
Michael Lund '08
I loved my time at Mac. I learned a great deal and got to be immersed in theater and music, both of which I still adore. The supportive, family-like campus environment and great friends made my two years there an experience I will always treasure. Go Bulldogs!!
Raechel Sittig-Esser '99
McPherson will always hold a special place in my heart,so giving back through donation is perfect. The four and a half years there I created a support system of friends, professors and faculty.
Gabe Padilla '16
Go Bulldogs!
Brian '94 and Julie '92 Huber
It’s a great day to be a Bulldog!
Randee Koger
Red Wrench!!! 🙂
Matthew Goist '17
Great day for McPherson College! Congratulations Dave – super job!!
Vincette Goerl '71
Bulldog love to all.
Adabel Garza '95
I love the Power Day! Keep this going.
John Davidson '12
Good luck Dave!
Amy Norloff '09
It’s a great day to be a Bulldog!
Eric Putnam '99
Love love love my MC family! Happy Power Day!
Kenna Elliott '17
My year at MAC changed my life in more ways than I can say! I have many wonderful memories of campus life and of all the great friends I have to this day from MAC!
Cliff Carr '92
Keep it up Dave! Go Bulldogs!!
Keely Bontrager '08
Go Bulldogs!!!! I MC
Arelyn Seirer '16
Thanks for all of the memories and lessons learned. I will always have a special place in my heart for McPherson College. I wouldn’t be who I am today without all my professors, fellow students, and the experience I got from McPherson!
Emilee Reinert '13
More power to you McPherson College! Go Dave!
Dawn Hunn '88
Bulldogs Forever!
Mitch Leppke '13
I’m glad to give back to the place that gave me so much and made me feel like family for four years. I hope someday it’s within my means to give more back to the school. Thank you to everyone that works at McPherson College!
Caleb Hecker '17
Go Bulldogs!
Carley Hittle '10
Hi Dave! You’re doing a great job! Go Bulldogs!
Diane Patton '81
It’s a GREAT day to be a Bulldog!!!!
Kimberly Williams '09
Good luck, Dave! We’re there for you.
Doug and Wylene Lengel '82
It’s GREAT to have a 5th generation bulldog on campus this year!
Connie Weesner '85
Great day to be a Bulldog!
Lois & Bill Grove '64


Check out these “I MC” stories submitted from fellow alumni leading up to Power Day.

Why I ❤️ MC
Sarah Lou Davidson - Education
"Because my grandfather was acting president, and my dad was raised there, I have lots of sentimental ties to MAC. I have fond memories of Dotzour escapades and time spent with the Warners and Fruths."

Power Day - March 8 -
Why I ❤️ MC stories
Benjamin Denton - Communication
"McPherson opened many doors for me. I have worked a number of what some would consider dream jobs, and it’s because I was not restricted to just one thing through college. The liberal arts gave me a chance to step into different things and test waters. I was able to learn through failure and experience success before I entered the everyday work force."

Power Day - March 8 -
Why I ❤️ MC stories
Carley Sharp Hittle & Garrett Sharp - Business Administration: Accounting, Finance & Automotive Restoration: Management, Business Administration: Finance
"The business department and business club made the biggest impact on me during my time at McPherson College. I am grateful to David O'Dell and Rod Gieselman for leading me to my career as a CPA. I support Mac so that others may have the same opportunity to experience learning in a supportive family atmosphere." - Carley
"I give to McPherson College because it’s Family. My freshman year was spent with my older sister, Carley, at MC. This was very special - Family. Auto Restoration - talk to any car guy or gal and no matter where they are from or how old or young they are, we can all relate as Family talking about cars. Gieselman, O’Dell, Luke Chennell, Amanda Montgomery Gutierrez, Robert Spies, Cameron Magnall and the whole group treated you as part of their Family. President Michael Schneider, David Barrett and the entire staff continue to support us as family even after graduation. This is very cool, and I want to promote/support a program and college like that. It’s my Bulldog family." - Garrett

Power Day - March 8 -
Why I ❤️ MC stories
Megan Flores & Ryan Flores - Environmental Studies & Physical Education
"They say it takes a village... McPherson College was and will always be our Village. When we think of MAC, we think of family, friends and a committed support staff. Little did we know, McPherson was the beginning of beautiful and blessed life together for me, Megan, and our babies. McPherson College will always be near and dear to our hearts!"

Power Day - March 8 -
Why I ❤️ MC stories
Amanda Samland & Peter Samland - Business Administration & Computer Science
"We love McPherson College for so many reasons! We loved our time at the school and even 15 years later still feel very connected to the college family. Without McPherson College, we would not be in the place we are today."
"I would say each person at McPherson College had a significant impact on me while at McPherson College. David Barrett welcomed me into his freshman seminar group. Rowena Olsen welcomed me as a work study in the library and predicted that one day I too would be a librarian. There are so many people at McPherson College who care who you are and what you do, that you saw this every day on campus; in classes, the cafeteria, at sporting events, etc.. There was never a time that I didn't feel like I was welcomed and a part of the MAC family. They truly care to see you be successful!" - Amanda
Why I ❤️ MC stories
Anneliese Hale & Dwight Hale - Biochemistry & Physical Education
"I am thankful for LaMonte Rothrock and all of the Resident Life staff. They have made such an impact on me and helped me to grow as a person and leader." - Anneliese
"I am thankful for Dan Hoffman for all of the real-world experience and guidance he gave me - also his wife’s apple pie." - Dwight

Power Day - March 8, 2018 -
Why I ❤️ MC stories
Elissa Hoffert & Wes Hoffert - English & Chemistry
"McPherson College opened a world of opportunities for me. Because of the relatively small campus population and the wide array of activity options, I sang in the choir, edited The Spectator, served on student government, worked in the admissions office, and tutored in the writing lab. In the second semester of my senior year, I fulfilled a personal dream by going to Chicago to complete my student teaching with the Urban Life Center. Through these activities and experiences, McPherson College prepared me to be a teacher who was involved in the life of the schools where I’ve taught. I am particularly grateful for Bruce Clary, Kim Stanley, and Tom Halliburton. Each of these professors selflessly gave me their time to challenge me to be a better writer and reader. I hope I am one ounce of the teacher to my students that they were to me." - Elissa
"Since my grandparents and parents went to McPherson College, it was a bit of a family tradition for me. I enjoyed my years there running cross country, track, and playing ultimate Frisbee. I am grateful for professors like Dr. Allan van Asselt who not only encouraged me during the completion of my degree, but who also encouraged me to pursue my Ph.D. and even visited my lab in grad school. McPherson College is truly a place where professors care about their students even after those students have graduated." - Wes

Power Day - March 8 -
Why I ❤️ MC stories
Erika Kitzel Saffer & Kevin Saffer - Health Science & Biology
"The person that made an impact on me is LarrySandee Kitzel, my father. I was fortunate to go off to college 3 blocks away from home on a campus that I literally grew up on. As long as I can remember education wasn’t an option; it was a way of life. I attribute my success in healthcare and where I stand today to my father and long time professor at McPherson College." - Ericka

"When reflecting on my education at McPherson College the word that comes to my mind is "passion." I have a hard time singling out any individual professor as there were so many that had a powerful impact on my education and in how I currently view life. Professors like John Burkholder, Dr. Ikenberry, John Ward, Richard Zerger, Herb Smith, Kim Stanley....What they all had in common and what made them such great instructors was "passion." To me, it was obvious that they believed in each student's unique potential, and they were truly invested in helping them achieve their own personal level of success. They cared. They put everything they had into helping us both inside the classroom and out. I hope this passion for students is still embodied in the faculty-student relationship at Mac. It's the type of support and guidance I hope my kids can one day experience." - Kevin

Power Day - March 8 -
Why I ❤️ MC stories
Shannon Carr & Barry Carr - Education & Computer Science
"My longest lasting relationships (including husband) were made at MAC. I felt cared for, secure, and the experience provided some of the happiest times of my life. Once a Bulldog, always a Bulldog. McPherson College always will have a special place in my heart." - Shannon
"College is a time of becoming the mature adult you are supposed to be. You mature in body and mind, and the people you befriend, professors who instruct, and relationships you forge, stay with you forever. MAC is and was a place to learn and form these bonds, making us who we are today and bringing me together with my best friend of all, my wife, Shannon." - Barry

Power Day - March 8 -
Why I ❤️ MC stories
Gina McGowan & Shawn McGowan - Early Childhood Special Education, Elementary Education & Biology, Chemistry
"We support McPherson College because of the education we received and the many people there who helped prepare us for the work we do in our fields of study. Not only did Mac help prepare us academically but also provided us with personal connections. We have continued lifelong friendships and made numerous connections with other alumni throughout our lives after graduating from Mac. We’ve tried to stay connected to the College by serving on the Alumni Board, attending homecomings and participating in alumni events. Power Day is an easy and fun way to donate back to the school that we love!"

Power Day - March 8 -
Why I ❤️ MC stories
Robert Magana-Garcia - Business Administration: Finance & Management
"I support McPherson College, because I grew as a person both personally and professionally during my time at MC. The College faculty, staff, and coaches are invested and committed to the success of each and every student. The College provides the tools, time, and training for all students to graduate, go out into the world, make an impact, and contribute to a greater cause. It does all this while still allowing us as individuals to achieve our personal goals and expectations. I take a great deal of pride in McPherson as a community, city, and college. I am proud to have graduated from this institution."

Power Day - March 8 -
Why I ❤️ MC stories
Janet Cordel Racette & Sean Racette
"The ole saying 'your friends in college will be your lifelong friends' falls true for Sean and me. McPherson College brought so many people into our lives and helped us become the individuals we are today. The physical appearance of the campus will continue to change as the years go by - the football field is no longer grass but turf; the little gym is no longer a rubberized surface but wood; and, Dotzour Hall now has air conditioning rather than the natural air conditioner of an open window, just to name a few modifications - but the stories will continue and memories that we have will never be forgotten. We love Mac!"

Power Day - March 8 -
Why I ❤️ MC stories
Stephanie Dunback & Josh Dunback - Elementary Education & Business Administration: Accounting, Finance
"McPherson College means so much to me because of the connections I made and the relationships I built! If it wasn't for people like Linda and David Barrett, Herb Smith, Dan Hoffman, Josh Hubin, Matt Tobias and so many more, I would have been lost! McPherson College will always have a special place in my heart!" - Stephanie
"I support McPherson College because it supported me to begin with. Going to a smaller college I was able to get a more personalized education experience and also connect with my professors and the staff on a level I don’t think you get at a larger institution. I felt the Mac environment allowed and, at the same time, forced me to develop more meaningful relationships with friends and faculty because we had to be more creative with the ways we spent our time together." - Josh

Power Day - March 8 -
Why I ❤️ MC stories
Amy Ziegler Norloff & Jon Norloff - Business Administration: Accounting, Finance, Marketing & Business Administration: Finance, Management
"McPherson College gave us more than an education. It gave us a community. And the community has supported us long after graduating from MC. Our professors have now become friends, and friends have become family. The support from this community helped us transition into adulthood and careers."

Power Day - March 8 -
Why I ❤️ MC stories
Deb & Larry Settle - both History
"Doctors Ray Flory and Leland Lengel were hugely influential in my academic career—so broadly and well-versed, and able to make history come alive. They had a passion for their subject matter and even more passion for their students’ success. Dr. Lengel invested additional, personal time to explain to me his views on excellence... why we should always expect the best from ourselves and others, and never settle for less. It’s a lesson that influenced me in my career and in my expectations for our children. The personalized, caring attention these mentors provided was instrumental in the successful life I’ve been blessed to lead since graduating from McPherson College in 1976." - Deb
"McPherson College gave me an opportunity to play college basketball and to get an excellent education. MC shaped my life! One of my favorite classes was an American Politics class, which included an amazing class trip to Washington DC and was taught by Dr. Flory. It was also an opportunity to meet quality people both in my classes and also on the basketball team, some of whom are still good friends today." - Larry

Power Day - March 8 -
Why I ❤️ MC stories
Rod Boatner - Business Administration
"I support McPherson College because of the great support and opportunities it opened up for me. Because the staff at McPherson College - from the coaches, to the administration, to the actual professors - are so passionate about and dedicated to student academic development, my time at MC truly prepared me for life after college. I still use the study habits I mastered at McPherson College today as an IT Financial Analyst for the Boeing Company in Seattle, WA."

Power Day - March 8 -
Why I ❤️ MC stories
Stachea Mora & Frank Mora - Sociology & Physical Education
"McPherson College gave us the opportunity to take our education and athletic abilities to the next level. The small community, where everyone knows your name and about you, is something you wouldn’t get at a big school. It will always mean something to us, because that is where we met."

Power Day - March 8 -
Why I ❤️ MC stories
Donna & Larry Elliott - Elementary Education & Economics, Business Administration.
"Little did we know when we entered McPherson College how our faith would be stretched and strengthened. Thanks to President Bittinger and others at Mac our lives were enriched as we were encouraged to step out in faith and serve the wider world. Upon graduation in 1962, Larry answered the call to volunteer in Nigeria with the Church of the Brethren. This started us on a journey where we served the church and related institutions for the next 43 years. We have been blessed and now have wonderful lifelong friends from college and around the world. God is good! It would be our hope and prayer that McPhersons College will continue to encourage students to help make this world a better place for all."

Power Day - March 8 -
Why I ❤️ MC stories
Jodi & Jason Pendleton - English & History
"Mac College has a special place in our hearts, because it's where we met and connected with so many amazing people."

"There are so many awesome people, but Dr. Lee Lengel had a significant impact on me. He made me fall in love with history and carried himself with a dignity and grace that made me want to be a better person. Our oldest son's middle name is Leland in honor of him.
I transferred to Mac from San Jose State University with over 30,000 students and immediately knew it was a special place. With a student population a fraction of SJSU, I met more people and developed great relationships with people that I still have today." - Jason

"Kim Stanley's passion and energy was infectious, and she inspired me to take risks and be more creative with my writing." - Jodi

Power Day - March 8 -
Why I ❤️ MC stories
Stasi Zirkel McKibbin - Biology
"I support McPherson College for many reasons, foremost because of the quality education I received during my four years at McPherson. My experiences while attending McPherson College were broad and expansive. I was a science major, but I took many art courses, participated in theatrical productions and played college athletics (play on). Many of the friendships I made during those four years are still going strong, no matter where we live. I support McPherson College so that other students can have these same experiences.
Many people at Mac made an impact on me; Dr. Frye, Dr. Kajinami, Professor Hoagland, and Coach Barrett, but there were plenty more - pretty much everyone who played a part in my education left an impression."

Power Day - March 8 -
Why I ❤️ MC stories
Kristie & Billy Jamison - Elementary Education & Economics, Business Administration: Management
"One of the best choices we made in life was to attend McPherson College. Not only did we meet there and become soulmates, but to this day we cherish lifelong friendships made on campus. We are very thankful for the faculty who taught us sound professional and life skills, which developed the principles and values we carry today (Lowell Flory, David O'Dell, Norman Hope, Bruce Clary and most of all former President Paul Hoffman). We attribute our success to the education we received at McPherson College. We give back in hope others will have the same opportunity that we had to receive a well-rounded education in a small college setting. We have been blessed to have a wonderful family and are proud alumni of the Bulldog Nation!!!"

Power Day - March 8 -
Why I ❤️ MC stories
Breahna Crawford & Jordan Crawford - Communication & Physical Education
"To us McPherson College means Family! We saw the small college atmosphere as a major advantage; teachers have more of an influence on a student's education. We support MC because "Once a Bulldog, Always a Bulldog!"
"Becki Dilley Bowman impacted me because of how much she cared for her students and her teaching method." - Breahna
"Coach Tim Swartzendruber not only made me a better basketball player but a better man. He taught me not to only compete on the basketball court but in life." - Jordan

Power Day - March 8 -
Why I ❤️ MC Stories
Stacey (Walker) & Terry Bruton - Psychology/Education & Sociology/Education
"McPherson College is the place where we met, made lifelong friends, and received the foundational skills for our careers in education. It is the place where we can always go to see friendly and familiar faces. Our son, Tyler, saw the close connections we made through our experience, and that influenced his decision to choose McPherson College for himself. To us, McPherson College is home. We are a Bulldog Family!"
Power Day - March 8
Why I ❤️ MC Stories
Jess Reyes & Ardi Reyes - Auto Restoration: Design & Business Administration: Management
"When we came to McPherson in 2005, the expectation was earning a degree and finding a career; the reality was so much more! We found ourselves as individuals with zero fear of being who we wanted to be. Professors and staff alike truly cared about our well-being and wanted us to succeed. We played soccer, intramurals, performed, traveled internationally, were RA's, and involved in a multitude of events. But the most significant take aways from our entire collegiate experience, were the people and the community. Classes ended, and we both graduated, but the friendships we made are lifelong. That's what makes McPherson College the best place to get your education and donate back to, because it will continually give back to you. And although we just recently moved away after 12 wonderful years of living locally, we will never forget our time there or the people that made life so fun to live!"

Power Day - March 8 -
Why I ❤️ MC Stories
ShaRhonda "Shay" Maclin, Elementary Education/Early Childhood Special Education
"McPherson College is a transformative institution. Personally and professionally, I could share examples of how the faculty, staff, and students impacted lives and maintained our MC family. From encouragement to run for Student Government President to support during the death of my mother, our MC family was always there to provide an environment of growth and development. As a former employee, I experienced the MC magic firsthand. The beauty of belonging to a tight knit community allows for early intervention and individualized attention. There is nothing like meeting a first year student and their families during the commitment process to MC, and then watching that student cross the stage in four years. The experience is unique because more times than not, you know their story. You know what it took for that young student to preserve and complete his or her degree. I support McPherson College, because I believe everyone has the opportunity to create his or her legacy."

Power Day - March 8

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