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McPherson College believes the classic concept of liberal arts is intimately tied to the modern idea of entrepreneurship and strives to weave the concepts of entrepreneurship across the curriculum and student life, regardless of a student’s chosen major.

This idea transcends any one department, giving students the room to experiment and explore – while still landing on their feet. McPherson College students discover that the only failure is the failure to learn.

Entrepreneurship Minor

The Transformative Entrepreneurship minor will help students better understand the risks and processes involved in beginning an entrepreneurial venture. The title transformative entrepreneurship was chosen because we see that students who engage in entrepreneurial ventures will make an impact and transform the world in some way.

Entrepreneurship is the creative process of developing sustainable, innovative ventures that solve problems and meet the needs of the greater community. Balancing opportunity and risk, the entrepreneur manages resources and constructs solutions that benefit both self and society.
(Approved by faculty 2/3/11)

Transformative Entrepreneurship at McPherson College is unique because it has a strong liberal arts emphasis. Students will take three core courses specific to entrepreneurship. Students will also take three courses from across at least two divisions that will enhance their knowledge and/or skill in entrepreneurial endeavors.

Horizon Fund

The Horizon Fund provides mini-grants to help students explore or carry out an original entrepreneurial idea. Winning ideas must identify a need and describe a creative way of meeting it. A winning idea should be clearly tied to some community value.

Recipients of the spring 2019 Horizon Fund grants


Students learn more when they are able to do more. The student-run Etch Design & Marketing Studio is a prime example of this concept. Etch, offers professional graphic design and marketing services to non-profit organizations, asking only that they consider a donation to help cover costs.

Investments Class

Students manage over $300,000 of MC’s endowment

Thanks to a resolution in 2011 by the college Board of Trustees to retain the spring investments class to manage $100,000, the portfolio management experience has been taken to a whole new level. “It’s real money with real consequences and I think that’s going to elevate the level of seriousness that students put into this exercise,” Rod Gieselman, associate professor of business, said. Because of the student’s success, the class is now responsible for managing over $300,000 of the college’s endowment.