The estimated annual costs to attend McPherson College for 2019-2020 for a full-time, undergraduate student are $38,659. This includes tuition, fees, room and board (based on Standard Room and Meal plan).

However, your costs may be lower because you will likely qualify for financial aid. 100% of our students receive financial assistance each year from McPherson College Scholarships and Awards, federal/state programs, work-study programs, and educational loans.

McPherson College has established a financial aid awarding policy that considers a variety of factors including Academic Achievement, participation in Co-curricular Activities, and Financial Need. Our goal is to award enough financial assistance to provide incentive, recognition, and access.

Costs for 2019-2020

Tuition and Fees: $30,077
Up to 16 credit hours per semester, access to unlimited internship and career service opportunities, on-campus tutoring, on-on-one relationship with faculty for courses and advising, excellent academic preparation to help you succeed at McPherson College and life.

Room and Board: $8,582
Room includes wired and wireless internet, carpeted floors, air conditioning and heat, convenient parking, safety and multiple campus activities. Board includes multiple menu options daily with a fresh salad bar, pasta bar, deli sandwiches and vegetarian options prepared by on-site chef and staff.

2019-2020 Total: $38,659
Based on Standard Room and Meal plan. See detailed regular fees and charges below. The national average cost of tuition, fees, room and board at four-year, non-profit private colleges is $46,950 per year. (Trends in Education, CollegeBoard, 2017)

Costs for 2018-2019

Tuition and Fees: $28,951
Room and Board: $8,411
2018-2019 Total: $37,362

Tuition – Full Time
Includes twelve (12) to sixteen (16) hours for fall and spring term and four (4) hours in interterm.
Excess hours over sixteen (16) hours: $ 250 per hour

Tuition – Part Time
1-7 hours: $430 per hour
8 to 11 hours: $750 per hour

Tuition – Summer School
Undergraduate: $430 per hour
ACCK Courses: $300 per hour

Standard Double Room $3,528
Harter Hall $5,030
Baer Apts $5,030
Lakeside Towers $4,830
Terra Nova Property $8,000
McPherson College is a residential college. All unmarried students age 23 and under not living with their parents live in residence halls.
e rooms may be available at an additional $800/semester to the double room charge.

19 meal plan – $4,883 year  (required for all on campus freshmen)
14 meal plan – $4,576 year (available to sophomores, juniors and seniors)
10 meal plan – $3,164 year (for Harter and Baer residents and off-campus athletes)

General Fee
$ 791
The general fee is assessed to all full-time students to assist in covering the costs associated with student activities, computer support, student life, athletics, and Student Government Association.

Student Insurance
To be determined. Proof of Insurance is needed for student athletes and international students.

Part-Time Fee
3-7 hours: $30 per term
8-11 hours: $50 per term

Graduate Tuition
McPherson students: $375 per hour
Milwaukee students: $460 3 credit course, $ 175 1 credit course

Enrollment Deposit: $150, $250 for Automotive Restoration, $500 International.
$100/$200 applied to the student account.
Deposit is refundable before May 1.

Late Payment Arrangement: $100 after August 1
Each change of schedule: $50 (drop and add after the first two (2) weeks of term)
Official Transcript: $8 plus processing fee to National Student Clearinghouse
Returned Check Charge: $30

Special Classes
Auditing Courses, per hour: $50
Senior Citizen Audit Fee: $25
The Vice President for Academic Affairs determines which courses may be audited. Restoration technology, studio art classes, and private music lessons may not be audited. Permission to audit is granted on a space available basis.
Private Music Lessons: $150 per semester hour in addition to regular tuition

Piano rental for Class Piano: $50
Instrument Rental: $50 per instrument
Student Teaching: $125 per semester
Auto Restoration Fee: $65 per class ($90 for TE152 Sheet Metal)
Maximum for Auto Restoration per semester: $260

Individual & Dual Sport I & II Fee: $25 per class
Scientific Writing for Behavioral Sciences Fee: $ 20 per class

Studio Art Courses
G-AR 101 Drawing I: $125
AR 210 Drawing II
: $125
G-AR 102 Painting I
: $125
AR 202 Painting II
: $125
G-AR 131 Ceramics 1
: $125
AR 231 Ceramics II
: $125
AR 103 Elementary Design
: $125
AR 315 Metalsmithing
: $125
G-AR 350 Sculpture I
: $125
AR 355 Sculpture II
: $125
AR 203 Photography I
: $225
AR 303 Photography II
: $225
AR 333 Commercial Photography I
: $225
AR 363 Commercial Photography II
: $225
AR 403 Photography Portfolio Development
: $225
AR 425 Concentrated Studies: $125
AR 475A Senior Concentration
: $125

Graphic Design Courses
AR 130 Design Software: $225
AR 205 Multi-Media Software
: $225
AR 230 Graphic Design I
: $225
AR 235 Graphic Design II
: $225
AR 320 Typography & Logo Branding:
AR 330 Graphic Design III:
AR 475G Graphic Design IV
AR 335 Interactive Software
AR 470 Graphic Design Senior Show

Art History Courses
Art History I: $100
Art History II
: $100
Contemporary Design
: $25

Athletic Fee