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Tuition & Fees

Costs for 2023-2024

The estimated direct annual costs to attend McPherson College for 2023-2024 for a full-time, undergraduate student are $44,616. This includes tuition, fees, housing and food (based on Standard Housing and Meal plan).

However, your costs may be lower because you will likely qualify for financial aid. 100% of our students receive financial assistance each year from McPherson College Scholarships and Awards, federal/state programs, work-study programs, and educational loans.

McPherson College has established a financial aid awarding policy that considers a variety of factors including Academic Achievement, participation in Co-curricular Activities, and Financial Need. Our goal is to award enough financial assistance to provide incentive, recognition, and access.

Tuition and General Fees: $35,162
Up to 16 credit hours per semester, access to unlimited internship and career service opportunities, on-campus tutoring, one-on-one relationship with faculty for courses and advising, excellent academic preparation to help you succeed at McPherson College and life. Does not include student-athlete fee of $675.

Living Expenses: $9,454
Campus housing includes wired and wireless internet, carpeted floors, air conditioning and heat, convenient parking, safety and multiple campus activities. Food plans include multiple menu options daily with a fresh salad bar, pasta bar, deli sandwiches and vegetarian options prepared by an on-site chef and staff.

2023-2024 Total: $44,616
Based on standard living expenses. The national average cost of tuition, fees, housing and food plans at four-year, non-profit private colleges is $55,800 per year. (Trends in Education, CollegeBoard, 2022)


There may be additional direct and indirect expenses associated with attending college. To see additional information on the 2023-24 yearly cost of attendance, please click here.